Friday, February 20, 2015

Tom Barrett - Soothsayer

Scott Walker gets owned by Mayor Barrett here, on the right -to- work question.  #intimidated


  1. Walker cultists are easily manipulated tools. They like bending over and being used.

  2. The problem isn't the cultists -- the real problem is the media that pumps walker up and entirely marginalized Barrett on this truthful exchange.

    Walker works the 50%+1 strategy -- this is how divide-and-conquer works. It isn't the relatively small number of cultists that created this monster.

    It was Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and the rest of Wisconsin's dysfunctional media echo-chamber.

  3. I really don't understand why Barrett gets a bad rap. He's right a lot more than he's wrong (like here) and given how the Legislature ties the City of Milwaukee's hands in every which way possible, he does pretty darn well.

    And I remember him schooling Walker in this debate, but the media portrayed it as "even." The average Wisconsinite didn't know who was telling the truth and who was lying, and the media wouldn't tell them. So they voted for the guy with the bigger yard signs in their small-town Wisconsin community, and the guy who wouldn't let the state "turn into Milwaukee," and all the connotations that means to the ignoramuses.

  4. Jake -- Barrett gets a bad-rap because his hometown newspaper, the state's largest, constantly prints lies and pro-walker propaganda.

    The rest of the media then picks up these dishonest reports as nooooze because they come from the state's largest noooozepaper.

    The "watchdog" reporter over there, dan bice, is a hack who directly reprinted lies from a koch brothers website about Mary Burke days before last Novembers election. MJS sanitized these lies for the rest of the media echo-chamber to repeat endlessly -- but now citing the lies to Dan Bice and the usual group of Journal Sentinel propagandists.

    You see, when the Milwaukee paper repeatedly tells lies about Milwauke, the rest of the state only hears lies about Milwaukee.

    I don't read The Political Environment anymore because he stands-up for the lying liars at MJS. I have seen you post cpomments there repeatedly though.

    Surely you understand. Divide and conquer politicians are only possible with extensive and overwhelming propaganda. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel leads the disinformation machine that screeches pro-walker talking points across the state.

    Shills for wealthy multi-national economic interests are a dim a dozen. The propaganda to catapult these fascists into office? PRICELESS

    You obviously get much of this -- maybe all of this. Do you agree that our problem is really the media that creates the illusion that 50%-plus-one support Walker uncritically?

  5. Yep, Barrett sure schools Walker. So fun to watch. Walker is such an idiot!

    Except, wait. Do you think Walker will be thinking about this debate when he sign RTW into law in two weeks?

    Probably not. But, for now, let's feel awesome about Walker getting schooled in that debate. Man, that was cool.

  6. I really feel sorry for the people of Wisconsin. How long will it take for them to realize they are being sent to the cleaners by this governor. Hope sooner than later. "right to Work" is code of course for RIGHT TO WORK FOR LESS. Walker is a lap dog of the Coke Brothers. He is the best governor money can buy. Good luck Wisconsin.