Friday, February 20, 2015

Will The Real Scott Walker Please Stand Up?

By Jeff Simpson

There is this Scott Walker:

Then there is the Scott Walker that when he leaves Wisconsin, heads to New York to dine at the 21 Nightclub. where the Ala Carte menu looks like this:

Off the Grill
Center Cut Filet Mignon   58
28 Day Dry-aged Ribeye Steak   68
Served with petite farm vegetables and potato fondant.
Choice of béarnaise, green peppercorn or red wine jus.
Pepper Crusted Millbrook Venison Romanesco cauliflower, chanterelles, wild blueberry jus   44
BBQ Long Island Duck braised Tuscan kale, portobello mushroom   42

Creamed Spinach ● Brussels Sprouts with Pancetta and Chestnut-Honey ● Fricassée of Wild Mushrooms ● Grilled Asparagus ● French Fries  10
Truffled Roasted Fingerlings ● Lobster Whipped Potato Gratinée ● Pommes Soufflées  17

There is the Scott Walker who refused to meet with a group of constituents who wanted to discuss the Kenosha Casino veto:
 With a final deadline now just days away, it doesn’t look as if Governor Scott Walker will be meeting with Menominee tribal representatives who are hoping to have him reconsider his rejection of the tribe’s Kenosha casino plans. “It’s kind of like having a meeting about a bill that’s been signed into law,” Walker said during a stop in Kenosha on Tuesday. “Once the law is signed, another meeting isn’t going to change what the law is. This effectively was like me signing the law into effect. When I noticed the Bureau of Indian Affairs, we made it clear that was our decision.”
 Then there is the Scott Walker who flew to New York to meet with thoroughly discredited, failed economist Arthur Laffer, simpleton John Stossel and others.  I guess if you have no prior economic knowledge anyone sounds good. 

The dinner, which took place at the “21” Club in Manhattan, was hosted by economists Larry Kudlow (of CNBC), Arthur Laffer and Stephen Moore. The Washington Post's Robert Costa reported on the dinner earlier tonight, citing Walker's effort to court the GOP’s anti-tax wing ahead of the 2016 Republican presidential primary. Kudlow, Laffer and Moore are all advocates for supply-side economics.
Roughly 60 people were in attendance, including Lowry and John Fund of National Review; John Stossel and Maria Bartiromo of Fox Business Network; Bill Hemmer of Fox News; James Freeman of The Wall Street Journal editorial page; and Mort Zuckerman, owner and publisher of the New York Daily News and U.S. News & World Report. Our colleague Darren Samuelsohn was also in attendance.

Its almost like he is two different people, the Wisconsin everyman campaigner and The Harlet who will travel anywhere, say anything and kiss anyone;s ass to increase his money and power. 

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  1. Walker is in bed with elitists who believe government policies that favor the rich will trickle down to the teeming masses. That is the most elitist economic policy out there. It leaves the 99% holding the bag.

    1. ...holding the BROWN bag.

      Fixed that for you. ;^)

  2. Seems like Scooter is tying on the feedbag and doing even less work since pretending to be the lean and frugal politician 5 yrs ago. His shirt collar seems extremely tight in the second picture.

  3. The "trickle down" idea is out of date. The TeaPublican Conservatives don't even want a molecule, let alone a droplet, of their greedy lucre to reach the less fortunate. It's all for me, me, me. Keep it up, sukkas, and you'll need to be surrounded by goons 24/7. Walker's just a little bit ahead of the curve on this one.