Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Milwaukee Dems Asked To Expel Chris Abele

The gentle reader is already aware that Chris Abele had been on a yearlong mission to rob county retirees of their pensions.  Fortunately, the county board was able to stop him before he created a bigger - and absolutely avoidable - problem for the county and the taxpayers.  Earlier this month, Abele vetoed the board's repair job but they were able to override his recklessness.

However, Abele is not going to be able to just walk away without taking some responsibility for his actions, which he is used to doing due to his father's wealth.

Dennis Hughes, who just restored justice and democracy to Janesville and their school board, has once again stood up to hold Abele accountable for his deplorable attack and maltreatment of these retirees.  Hughes has sent the following letter to the executive board of the Democratic Party of Milwaukee County, asking them to expel Abele from the Party for going so against one of the most basic tenets of the party:

It will be interesting to see how the Milwaukee Democrats handle this. It seems that Hughes' request will get little serious consideration. The chair, Marlene Ott, is known to be such an Abele fanatic that she suspends disbelief and ignores reality to support whatever he does, including this attack on the retirees.

Adding to the muddle is that other officers have conflicts of interest, including Secretary Brandon Savage, who has been on Abele's payroll.

Nor can the county party look to the state party for help.  Mike Tate, the soon but not soon enough to be gone chair of the state party, is personal friends with Abele and even has called him a leader and honored him despite Abele's antics.

It's not like the Democrats don't already have enough grounds to take action.

Along with the attack on retirees, there has been Abele's repeated attempts to utterly bust the unions, there has been his decimation of representative government and subsequent loss of democracy and the simple fact that he has donated to the likes of rabid Tea Party Republicans like Dale Kooyenga and Joe Sanfelippo.

Hopefully, the board will be responsible enough to take action now before Abele undermines the party even further and sends them further into chaos.


  1. Well good luck with that! Several years ago Manitowoc County Dems voted to eject dual office holder County exec and State Rep Bob Ziegelbauer from the party but the State party stepped in and overruled us even though both the county and state constitutions list adherence to the Dem platform and Progressive / Liberal ideals as a condition for membership. This came after ig had appeared in a TV ad endorsing John Gard over Steve Kagan for Congress in the 8th district.

    I wrote my own blog piece about it and why we should purge the party of DINOs but I dont hear a lot of support for it.


  2. That'll totally work. Especially with Dennis having written the letter. Money in the bank. Time to pick a candidate and order some office plants.

    1. It's got a better chance that Abele's hope for US Senate.

    2. That's exactly what we need. A way to get local Dems to turn their backs on one of the biggest financial backers they have! Great work you two! -GOP