Monday, February 2, 2015

Promises, Promises...Why Do We Believe?

By Jeff Simpson

Remember this?

"Under the administration of Gov. Scott Walker, northern Wisconsin’s mining economy is moving forward and more people are getting good, high-paying jobs."
— Americans for Prosperity on Friday, October 3rd, 2014 in a direct mail flier

Or this?

 Gogebic Taconite, a unit of Florida-based Cline Resource and Development, pushed for changes in mining laws shortly after representatives of the company announced their plans in 2011 for an iron ore mine in Ashland and Iron counties. The mine would operate for at least 35 years and run for about four miles. Gogebic says the mine would generate 700 jobs, but all told would create more than 2,800 jobs in trucking, housing and other industries
Or this?

"On behalf of the unemployed skilled workers in our state who will benefit from the thousands of mining-related jobs over the next few years, I say thank you," Walker said in a statement.

Or this even?

At stake are more than the 700 jobs at the mine itself. The proposed mine could lead to thousands of jobs statewide, many involved in the manufacture of equipment for the proposed mine.
Why does reality never match Republican talking points?

Meanwhile, the company has cut its workforce to a half-dozen employees who are trying to redesign plans in light of an unexpected proliferation of wetlands that were found on the site last year, 
For those of you mathematically challenged, half dozen = 6.  6 is less than 700.  6 is also less than thousands!

Is Chris Kline an idiot? He really paid $700,000 for this?

One last thing, shouldn't a legit news organization be obligated to mention that Bill Williams is wanted in Spain for crimes committed?


  1. With the drop in commodity prices it is going to be years before any serious digging is done.
    There has been a good deal of speculation that GTAC which never mined iron before never intended to operate the mine but sell it off to Chinese interests which follows the model in MN and points west.

    1. That might have made sense when there was talk of $200/ton 62% iron ore, but at $62/ton, no one is interested in the mine. The Chinese are actually closing their high-cost domestic mines and turning to Rio Tinta, Brilliton, etc. for cheap ore. Additionally, there are two huge new iron mines coming on line this year, which, according to Rio Tinta, are designed to be profitable at $45/ton.

  2. Wait...............WEDC will probably come forward with tons of money to keep this 700 job plan going! Another one of Walker's "BIG and BOLD" ideas that turned out to be crap!

  3. You can blame all of this on Ford switching to aluminum trucks. How was Walker supposed to see the bust come so fast without even a boom?