Thursday, February 26, 2015

Scott Walker's Bogus Bravado

By now, the gentle reader is fully aware that Scott Walker really put his foot in his mouth this time with a grandiose statement of bravado while speaking at this years CPAC convention (Motto: The black hole of IQs):

“I want a commander in chief who will do everything in their power to ensure that the threat from radical Islamic terrorists does not wash up on American soil,” said Walker, a likely 2016 presidential candidate. “If I can take on 100,000 protesters, I can do the same across the world.”
Yeah, okay. Just call me caliph capper.

Walker's show of faux machismo was met with instant criticism:
“To compare the hundreds of thousands of teachers, students, grandmothers, veterans, correctional officers, nurses and all the workers who came out to peacefully protest and stand together for their rights as Americans to ISIS terrorists is disgusting and unacceptable,” Phil Neuenfeldt, president of the Wisconsin AFL-CIO, said in a statement. “Coming together to peacefully protest for freedom, to raise your voice for a better Wisconsin, this is not an act of terror.”


Marquette Law School political science professor Charles Franklin said Walker “may have crossed the line” by linking international affairs and union protests. “But it’s not a brand new thing for him to connect toughness in Act 10 and toughness in international affairs.”
Even the right wing National Review Online didn't let Walker off the hook:
That is a terrible response. First, taking on a bunch of protesters is not comparably difficult to taking on a Caliphate with sympathizers and terrorists around the globe, and saying so suggests Walker doesn’t quite understand the complexity of the challenge from ISIS and its allied groups.

Secondly, it is insulting to the protesters, a group I take no pleasure in defending. The protesters in Wisconsin, so furiously angry over Walker’s reforms and disruptive to the procedures of passing laws, earned plenty of legitimate criticism. But they’re not ISIS. They’re not beheading innocent people. They’re Americans, and as much as we may find their ideas, worldview, and perspective spectacularly wrongheaded, they don’t deserve to be compared to murderous terrorists.
The best line came from the DNC:
"If Scott Walker thinks that it's appropriate to compare working people speaking up for their rights to brutal terrorists, then he is even less qualified to be president than I thought. Maybe he should go back to punting," DNC communications director Mo Elleithee said.
And punt is exactly did when Walker realized he made a major blunder and tried to backpedal from his statement by blaming it on the media:
Walker immediately sought to clarify his comments as he shuttled between media interviews after the speech. His political nonprofit group also issued a statement.

“Let me be perfectly clear: I’m just pointing out the closest thing I have to handling this difficult situation is the 100,000 protesters I had to deal with,” Walker told reporters. Asked if he regretted the statement, he said, “No.”

“You all will misconstrue things the way you see fit,” he said. “That’s the closest thing I have in terms of handling a difficult situation, not that there’s any parallel between the two.”
Make no mistake in thinking that this was a gaffe by Walker. If there is one thing he does well, it is blowing the dog whistle. The only mistake he might have made was underestimating the level of blow back he would receive.  Even his staunchest supporters are eventually going to pull back if he keeps making one inane statement after another.

But take a moment to think about Walker said.

This is what he says prepared him to take on savage terrorists with missiles, machine guns and a blood thirst:

Walker's other claims to heroism turn out to be just fabrications of his warped mind.

As the gentle reader can see, his claims of the threats he faced were so exaggerated as to being to the point of ridiculous.  But not only were the supposed threats exaggerated, he also conflated his level of success against them.

As this past week showed with thousands of people converging on the Capitol, he did not do away with the unions.

And those savage Solidarity Singers?  They all had their civil and constitutional rights protected by a court of law and are still singing there every day.

In summary, Walker's idea of terrorists are Americans exercising their constitutional rights, people singing and figments of his imagination.  Even worse, he has proven himself to be ineffective against such grave threats.

What again is he going to do when confronted with armed terrorist who are not afraid of killing or being killed?  I mean, besides wetting himself and running away, screaming like a little kid.


  1. Looks like Scott Walker has taken a page out of Lyin' Paul Ryan's playbook where flat out lying or exaggerating are the norm.

    While fact checkers check his handlers are going to end up giving him the big filtered exposure ala Sarah Palin/Ron Johnson or tell him to STFU.

    It was a rather softball question that he should have been prepared for. Really.

  2. “Let me be perfectly clear: I’m just pointing out the closest thing I have to handling this difficult situation is the 100,000 protesters I had to deal with,” Walker told reporters.

    And what did he do to handle the difficult situation of citizen protestors that was so outstanding? Walker hid in his office, or scurried through tunnels, while the Capitol Police did the dirty work at his direction.

    So how again will that translate to an international conflict? He will be just as able to hide from an worldwide threat?

  3. Walker has been studying video of Bill Clinton. He has now adopted the Clinton Thumb hand gesture!

    See? He acts just like a World Leader!

  4. the fact that this has been blown up like it has only tells me one thing... Liberals are very afraid of Scott Walker. They know he has the balls to do the right thing, and that scares the crap out of them. SW for President!

    Let me beat you to it libs, no one is paying me to post here. I have no direct monetary benefit in doing so. I think that covers 75% of your rebuttals...

    1. I was just getting sick of this freedom and democracy anyway.

    2. Truthfully I would say that this has blown up like it has because liberals love a good joke and that's what Scott Walker's Presidential ambitions are and have been since the beginning: a joke. The man is Sarah Palin with rolled up sleeves and a tie. They even wear the same smirk, second rate self-promoters duping the conservative Teahadist rubes.

      Unfortunately his Gubernatorial punchline is far more destructive, at least for the moment. Though the image of Mighty Warrior Scott scurrying through tunnels under the Square to avoid the big mean school teachers and their battle hardened State office worker allies will always bring a smile.

    3. No mad city, more like Palin without a skirt, at least in public. What he wears around home is none of our business.

  5. Notice how now Walker is saying there were 100k protesters? (Actually, at the peak it was probably pushing 150k.) What was the maximum DOA crowd estimate at the time - 30k? Someone should ask Walker which is the lie.

  6. If 100,000 protesters are comparable to terrorists, what is Cliven Bundy?

  7. Now that's how you deal with ISIS. Have them put their hands politely behind the back so they can be cuffed and processed in an orderly manner............

  8. Now at least we know what he was thinking, when he described his attack on Unions in 2011, saying he "dropped the bomb"