Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Sean Duffy Values Deadly Diseases

BY Jeff Simpson

Sean Duffy who rode his dancing skills

and notoriety of being a reality TV star participant,

embarrasses WI yet again!

This time Sean uses his vast knowledge from his mail order law school to weigh in on the Vaccination debate:

And Duffy personally:

Duffy, a former attorney, said that he prefers to "pick and choose" which vaccines his children receive.
"I vaccinate my kids on most things, but then there are some things where I'm like, 'This may not work for me and my values and my family,'" he said
Who knew that welcoming certain deadly diseases(and plaid) was a family value?  


  1. You forgot the one of him naked in his hotel room

  2. What are his "family values' on, letting minors carry guns to school, drunk driving, allowing people to smoke in all public places ? Any idiot knows some issues require consideration of the public good and common sense. This is the talk of a pandering coward, unfit for public office.

  3. "morals & values" is a Gardasil dog-whistle...

    If you can reliably keep your kids from having sex, why, no need for that particular vaccine!!1!!1