Friday, February 20, 2015

Purple Vindication!

By Jeff Simpson

It has been an interesting week, first I posted this one Purple Wisconsin

Jim Bender is the President of the poorly named "school choice" Wisconsin.  Mr. Bender is also the face of the "For-Profit" School movement.   While Scott Jensen actually calls the shots, Jensen's tarred history makes it impossible for him to be the face of anything.   
Mr. Bender has decided to make the public schools, and public money continue to work for him.  Mr, Bender is paid a King's ransom to take as much Wisconsin taxpayer public education dollars as he can get his hands on, and funnel to the private/voucher schools.  A parasite is someone that exists to take from another. 
Mr.  Bender however, has reached a new low.   He wants to know everything about YOUR children.  
School choice advocates have requested the names, addresses, phone numbers and grade levels of every student enrolled in 30 different public school districts, gearing up for a marketing campaign should lawmakers lift the enrollment cap on Wisconsin's statewide voucher program.
Directory information includes information such as students' names, addresses, telephone numbers, date and place of birth, major field of study, height, weight, athletic team participation, awards achieved and schools attended.
The information is key to rounding out important school items such as yearbooks, playbills, sports rosters, announcements to the media about student accomplishments and contact lists that help families communicate with each other.
Being exposed to the light is not something that plays particularly well, it led to incredible faux outrage by Mr. Bender, a hissy fit a 12 year old could be proud of by Charley Sykes and Jimmy Wigderson spinning it in an incomprehensible garble of words that we have come to expect from him.     

The Faux outrage was strong in these ones.  

However, Simpson's post at Purple Wisconsin was enough to send Bender on a bender.  Bender went whining and crying to Ernst-Ulrich Franzen, a member of the paper's editorial board, complaining that Simpson compared him to a pedophile.  Even though Simpson went to great pains to do just the opposite, Franzen jumped on the chance to stifle the truth and took down the blog site.

On Monday, squawk show host and adulterer Charlie Sykes went on a rampage against Simpson.  With the sound of his spittle hitting the microphone, Sykes said that Simpson lived in a "fever swamp" and called him "demented," "sick," and "a liar."

Sykes went on to say how MJS was wrong for ever giving Simpson their format to use and that he should be banned from the site.
 Then this happened:

 Green Bay, Wisconsin, February 18, 2015 - School Choice Wisconsin has revised its original open records request made on February 9, 2015 to the Green Bay Area Public School District for student directory data in order to address concerns that were raised by parents, legislators(progressive bloggers) and the Green Bay Area Public School District.

If Mr. Bender can release a press statement, so can I:

This doesnt happen without public pressure.  I am proud that I had a hand in this,even if it meant that Jim Bender & Wisconsin School choice got me kicked off of JSOnline, because Charles Sykes and Jimmy Wigderson had a hissy fit.
I will stand up for the kids every single time. It is unfortunate that standing up for the privacy rights of our children, and against the privatizing of our public education, is something that comes with consequences. EVERY word I wrote was the truth, and the truth was too much for them.

Make sure and ask David D. Haynes, who in our media will now stand for the truth and the kids, regardless of the consequences. It sure isnt Christian Schneider or Rick Esenberg .

I get that Purple Wisconsin wants to promote a nicer agenda, and my passion comes through too strong at times, but I think they should make truth and facts equal to niceties.

Thanks to Cognitive Dissidence & Chris Capper Liebenthal and John 'Sly' Sylvester for allowing me to have a forum to get the real truth out there!

Now lets help Dave Hansen and Eric Genrich pass legislation to stop this from happening in the future.

Vindication and Onward!

 So thanks to Charley Sykes and Jim Wigderson also for helping put the spotlight on the despicable acts School Choice WI was attempting to get away with.  If this ever happens in your district in the future, let us know and here is Mr. Bender's contact information:

No media interviews will be granted by GBAPS or School Choice Wisconsin. Clarifying questions should be directed to GBAPS Director of Communications Lori Blakeslee at 920-448-2025 or School Choice Wisconsin President Jim Bender at 414.319.9160.


  1. Good for you Jeff!. Charlie likes to pitch but doesn't like to catch. Unfortunately he's so excited today about "Right to work" being fast- tracked that I think he's going to wet himself. It's a good thing that Sykes is considered an entertainer for broadcasting license purposes as his propaganda is absolutely vile.

  2. SO School Choice Wisconsin gets the mailing list they wanted, the Green Bay Superintendent says all the privacy concerns are settled, lots of free media for the voucher program and you lost your gig at JSOnline. You are taking a victory lap why???

    1. School choice only got a minute fraction of what they wanted, the free media they got was NOT what they wanted - check out their facebook page, and I did lose my non paying gig at Purple wi but I lost it for telling the truth so i can sleep at night.

      Had we let this story go they would have had all kinds of information about our kids and kept doing it. They will think twice before they make this request again and now superintendents are empowered to fight back.,

    2. Seems to me you lost your non-paying gig because you scribed a drunken post that embarrassed JSOnline. Still missing the point of this victory lap. School Choice gets their list, you lose your gig. Do you think you slowed down the school choice expansion with this stunt at all? Laughable. Keep patting yourself on the back. When you are done, look around and see a voucher program uncapped statewide. With victories like these, School Choice should want to keep you engaged.

    3. It didnt embarass JSonline because it was 100% true. It Embarrassed School choice Wi and Mr., Bender because people, had no ideas the lengths that he is willing to go to dismantle public ed. The privacy rights of our children are just collateral damage.

      If people have been reading us, they would know that there is no limits for anyone who would work for Scott Jensen.

      yes they were slowed down and exposed by this. Sure the Guy running for president and his lap dog legislature will give every penny they can give to the Jensen gang, but this made it that much harder to do and tarnished their reputation.

    4. If it didn't embarrass jsonline, then why did they let you go? jsonline is certainly not pro voucher and allow countless columns against school choice. Maybe, just maybe, your unhinged rant was too much for an organization concerned about its public image, something you clearly have no personal concerns with. And don't confuse a few publ8c school folks getting worked up with actual progress or slowing in any way the progress school choice is making. But keep telling yourself you are making an impact. From here on earth, you simply got fired.

    5. Ok Charlie, whatever you say. See its not an "unhinged rant" when every word is true.

      I would love to see all of those "countless columns against school choice" when they allow forums to people like esenberg, schneider, rodriquez, etc...

      I didnt get fired as much as they gave in to the righty(big money) pressure of the Bradley Foundation to get me out of that forum. They cant handle the truth or debate, its that simple.

      See someone on the right threatened to sue them pretty much any column I wrote. Jim Wigderson was a big one behind it writing a tear filled letter to David Haynes every column I wrote. I knew progressivism was too much to be there too long but it was fun while it lasted.

      In the meantime it has helped drive up readership here.

    6. Hey stupid, it made a difference to me. School choice is a scam, along with the author scott jensen. period.

      and for someone to stick up for this farce, tells a lot about that person. ie: stupid.

      the only embarrassment is yourself.

    7. What's it like to live in a world of conspiracy theories against you? There are clinical definitions and subsequent medication for that. I am sure you'll be spending some time screaming at the moon from the Capitol for right to work. And just like vouchers and Act 10 you will lose. Again. Along the way, your hyperbolic, but completely predictable reactions will elevate Walker even higher. Keep up the good work.

    8. it's easy when you have low life's like walker and yourself trying to justify your existence

    9. let's talk reality,

      where are the 250000 jobs promised Wisconsin?

    10. Oh please. That is all you have? So weak. Which is why you lost and keep losing. Seek therapy. Walker derangement syndrome is alive and well here. Wow.

    11. yes dont you have anything besides actual job performance to grade the governor on? Like how high he gets the hateometer.

      Let's be real, Walker doesnt get the whole country behind him whe npeople protest him just the far right extremist wingnuts who live for hate.

      dont mistake a gerrymandered state with peoples will.

    12. Except that Walker won 3 times statewide where districts make no difference. And the only hate I see is found against Walker, not from.

    13. Kudos to you Jeff, for bringing sunlight to the process.

      This isn't over. The limits for complete student contact information only apply to the Green Bay school district. So heads up and be on alert. I expect Bender to continue asking all the rest of the school districts to supply full contact info unless you take time to send a message to your school boards, superintendents and your legislators.

      Your childrens privacy is still at risk. And because voucher schools and private schools have little to no public oversight, you have no way of knowing how that information will be used or sold.

      Mailing lists are gold in and of themselves. Keep watching.

  3. This should help the bail out schools people to better cherry pick students for recruitment. Maybe then they may agree to standardized testing along the public schools.

  4. Jiffy. That libel suit is still headed your way.

    Keep getting my posts deleted but that doesn't change the fact that you got some explaining to do, and your angry liberal rants won't help you.

    1. Gotta love the spineless jelly fish that thinks our Amendments start at 2.

    2. Don't flatter yourself, Homer. You were kicked off JSOnline because you're an embarrassing, illiterate fool. End of story.

    3. @ WhatIsCommonSense - libel and slander aren't protected speech. The Journal's lawyers decided that they weren't going to touch Jeff Simpson with a ten foot pole after his last column.

    4. It would probably be wise for Capper to follow the same wisdom as the Journal Corp....

    5. Thank you for your concern, but there is no libel nor slander except in your fevered and skewed sense of reality.