Wednesday, February 18, 2015

FInally! Scott Walker Creates Jobs!

By Jeff Simpson 

 We have been waiting years for Scott Walker to actually make a positive impact on the economy and create jobs! Well, wait no more. Mr. Walker has finally, finally done it!!

MADISON, Wis. (AP) -- Less than a week after returning from a London trade mission where he refused to answer questions about foreign policy, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has hired foreign and domestic policy advisers.
A spokeswoman for Walker's political committee Our American Revival said Wednesday that he hired Mike Gallagher to advise on international issues and Kristin Jackson to work on domestic policies.

Ok, so it is only two jobs, and it is personal tutors because Mr. Walker is not the brightest bulb on the tree.  I hope they are not tutoring him on State Taxpayer time.

If they can get Sarah Palin to fake her way through a debate, there is hope for Scott.   He can see Canada from his luxury Box  when the Bucks play the Raptors.  

 But Wait there is more, Scott Walker was on a roll today and created even more jobs!   Unfortunately these jobs are very low paying and are in New Hampshire.  

The Associated Press is reporting that Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has expanded his political team to New Hampshire, where he’s hired adviser to lead his efforts in that state as he gears up for a likely 2016 presidential run.
Walker’s political operation Our American Revival confirmed Wednesday to AP that Andy Leach has been hired as senior adviser in New Hampshire and Michael Bir will handle day-to-day operations.
One of Scott Walker's first hires is a leech, how apropos.

I know that you can count on one hand how many jobs he created today, and that none want to someone from WI, but let's give him a star for trying.  This could be his biggest economic day of his career.  

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