Monday, February 23, 2015

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

When Ron Johnson was named the US Senator most likely to lose his seat to the other party, one just knew that this race was gonna get good.

The Republicans knew this too. When there was even just a rumor of a rumor that Russ Feingold was going to run, they became very defensive and started attacking Feingold.

Now their worst fears have taken a step closer to becoming reality.

Feingold has resigned from his ambassadorship and is returning to Wisconsin. This has strengthened the speculation that Feingold will indeed seek his old seat back. The excitement people are feeling at just the prospect of this is almost palpable.

Besides the thought of Feingold coming back, RoJo has another problem to deal with.

When RoJo ran for office in 2010, he said that any climate change that might be happening was due to natural causes, like sunspots. He was fiercely defended by scientist Willie Soon. It turns out that Soon was on the Koch payroll after all (just like RoJo). Only time will tell if the corporate media will actually call RoJo out on this.

Interestingly, it appears that a third candidate is sending out feelers into this race.

Chris Abele, the son of billionaire John Abele of Boston Scientific fame, has been gearing up to run against Ron Johnson.

On Sunday morning, Abele's good friend and political operative, Dan Adams, was on the Charlie Sykes show ( a local version of Faux News). Adams went on the offensive for Abele, but instead of attacking RoJo, he went after Feingold:

"My losers are Wisconsin Democrats if Russ Feingold is the Party's candidate. I mean, really! Friends, this is the best we're going to do? Another retreaded baby boomer seeking one more shot at redemption?! While the Party bench is light, there must be a fresh face to carry the mantle."
For those that are wondering who Abele is, he is the current Milwaukee County Executive who has picked up exactly were Scott Walker left off.

Abele's claims to fame so far include, but are in no way limited to:
  • Dismantling representative government in the county
  • Taking away local control of services, such as the mental health system. He gave that system to a board of unelected, political appointees with taxing powers. (Can you say taxation without representation?)
  • Trying to make the county a right to work entity
  • Taking away worker's rights and civil service protections
  • Selling county assets to fellow millionaire buddies for cheap in no bid contracts
And this guy claims to be a Democrat.

What he is is a plutocrat's plutocrat. Abele believes in austerity for the little people while he sits in his ivory tower. He has actively fought against a living wage, workers rights to unionize and even tried to charge people to get a referendum question on the ballot.

In short, Abele is a lot like what Scott Walker would be like if he was independently wealthy.

Abele doesn't have much of a chance. He is grossly underestimating Feingold's popularity and grossly overestimating his own popularity, even among other Democrats.

At least between Abele and RoJo, this race will offer lots of entertainment as they flail around.


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  2. Running fake Dems in primaries is nothing new to Repukes

  3. Isn't Abele also a retreaded baby boomer? With the added "bonus" of, quoting Gov. Ann Richards: born with a silver foot in his mouth...

  4. Remember DemocRATS running fake Republicans in the primaries? Oh, wait...I always forget, you LWNJs have very selective memories.

  5. I remember! Junkerman, Huber, Weix, Church, Buckstaff & Smith; all Republicans running in the 2011 recall Democratic primaries. Here is a link to a Journal Sentinel article :

    Using the reverse search Google couldn't seem to find any Democrats running as Republicans. I hadn't realized Google was a LWNJ with selective memory. /snark

  6. Well, running for Senator does mean Abele gets to eject out of the County Exec seat without getting his butt kicked in the April 2016 election for that job.

    Adams' comments should get him removed from any DPW role, as he is no more legit than David Clarke. It's time for the Milw Co DPW to have a nice purge of the last of these DINOs, as they have with much of their contingent in the Legislature.