Friday, February 6, 2015

Van Can't Wait

By Jeff Simpson 

Van sat at home the last two years, while Wisconsin vastly under performed in creating jobs, but did create a bigger deficit than when Mr. Walker took over and the one pressing need that Van Wanggaard had when he was elected in his gerrymandered District?



  1. Maybe they should issue gun permits in stead of birth certificates in the ob/gyn units of hospitals!

  2. Isnt that a Federal law?
    Last time I checked Federal trumps State, right?
    More posturing for the nut case base.

    1. State law: Wis. Stat. §§ 175.35(2)(d), 175.35(2g)(c)4.c. [↩]

      There is no federal waiting period. As described below, federal law allows a dealer to deliver a firearm to a purchaser as soon as a background check is completed, or after three business days even if a background check has not been completed


  3. I've never found that waiting 48 hours to pick up a handgun is much of a hardship. As far as cooling off periods, 7 days might be more effective than 48 hrs.