Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Inside China!

By Jeff Simpson

Remember when Ron Johnson(R-Our Dumb Senator) was touting the wonders of China and how it is a better environment for work and jobs than the US?

"I’d encourage people to go onto Youtube and type in Steve Wynn. He does about a five-minute piece where he’s talking about- he’s the fellow who does Wynn resorts in Las Vegas. He’s also creating resorts in Macau in China, communist China. And his point is, the level of uncertainty, the climate for business investment is far more certain in communist China then it is in the U.S. here."  [Ron Johnson, Wisconsin Radio Network, 8/30/10]

 H/T Earthporm:    I wonder if this is RoJo's vision for Wisconsin?

Maybe he has visions of Lake Winnebago turning into this, it is Badger Red at least:


Maybe this for Lake Mendota?:

A boy swims in the algae-filled coastline of Qingdao

Lake Owen's future?


If Rep Kooyenga and Sen. Darling have their (ALEC)way relieving regulations we can turn Milwaukee into this:


While everyone knows man made pollution has no effect on the environment, I highly recommend checking out all of the photos of China here!


  1. Pictures #2 and #3 are really McKinley Beach in Milwaukee, right Homer?

    The byproducts of one hundred years of enlightened liberal leadership = toxic stinking sludge.

  2. Business climate (Ron) and work climate (your dumb ass) are two different things. Additionally, he is referring specifically to the level of certainty. Maybe you can fill in for Brian Williams...

  3. 1. Why do you think they all love the Communist Chinese? because they give the corporations free reign, which is a republicans wet dream. There are consequences to those actions. If you want to make the US less regulated like China, then these pictures will be able to be taken here in the near future.

    2. If you understand anything about the free market you would realize how ridiculous you sound when you talk about the "level of certainty".

    3. DO you think Brian Williams should have been suspended for his one lie?

    1. #1. you are changing the argument from a what argument (level of certainty in business climate) to a why argument. Can't refute what i say without changing the discussion i see.

      #2. How is having a good level of certainty a ridiculous thing in the free market? Knowing what to expect will only help business owners raise their level of investment, knowing that the risk is less. You are the one who sounds ridiculous.

      #3. Once? Alrighty then. Have some respect for the men and women who make it possible for you to write this crappy, yet very funny, blog.

    2. #1. This blog was meant as a what happens when....it is meant to show the consequences of the republican utopia.

      #2. In a truly free market(I realize one does not exist) then you play by the rules that are happening at the time of which the market creates. Certainty is NOT part of that. If you need certainty then you are not allowing the market to set the rules.

      #3 ? huh? not sure who you are referring to, but what I am referring to, is if brian Williams has to resign after one lie, why doesnt Scott Walker after his myriad of pants on fire ratings?

  4. You know what countries had an excellent level of certainty? Germany in the 1930s, Russia in the 50s through 70s, Cuba for the past 50 years, North Korea now. The real question is, why do our current GOP leaders and their sponsors hate America?