Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Steve nASS (R - Fraidy-Cat)

By Jeff Simpson 

This latest legislative session in Wisconsin, started exactly how you think it would.  A sham hearing, lots of not listening going on and it ending abruptly with the Republicans running out of the room. cowering in fear

Steve nASS gets a special mention for his incredible feat of cowardice, all he was missing was the "Bawk, Bawk" sound effects.

The committee chair, Steve Nass, R-Whitewater, said he was concerned a planned protest would become unsafe.
Nass cited an article from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel saying union groups planned to peacefully protest the end of testimony at 7 p.m., calling that a credible threat to the safety of the people at the hearing
Steve nASS was sprinting towards the exit so fast, you would think someone was trying to collect past due child support from him.  

Who scared Mr. nASS so badly that he had to call the police and run and hide?

She did!

Mr. nASS can never claim to be #unintimidated.  It is amazing his district, as badly gerrymandered as it is, would want such a milksop as its Representative.  


  1. As was said in the report several times, it was so reminiscent of the Act 10 kabuki dance ..... Republicans claim fear in their hearts, then manufacture a "credible" that never exists in order to create an excuse to call in the State Patrol so they could dramatically slink out of the building in the name of the Great People of Wisconsin.

    It doesn't even matter what you think of the legislation -- as bad as it is -- this is no way to do the peoples' business. It is turning into government by fiat.

  2. So, was the 'credible threat" revealed? If there were a credible threat, it would be documented by law enforcement.

    I'm guessing it was the fear that a pique of conscience would kick in among of the the GOP senators.

  3. The threat was, because debate was scheduled to end at 7pm and so many people hadnt spoken yet, they said they had planned on doing a sit in until everyone had a chance to speak.

    In reality the threat was that nASS had to keep hearing from the people of WI why this is such a bad idea.

  4. No surprise they started on monday and closed off debate on tuesday. no way they could let this drag out till the weekend when a real lot of Wisconsin voters might have showed up to voice an opinion. Some call it Fascism, But I guess we should be glad that they aren't shooting people in the streets, which is how this kind of stuff usually gets done.

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  6. I should mention that, truly the only reason they aren't shooting people in the street is because for the moment at least, it's not a politically viable way to do things. mark my word though, they are on the path that leads in that direction. Sadly, like bullies that run riot on the play ground, each time they get away with it , they become more bold.