Sunday, February 22, 2015

Call to Action! Rallies To Stop The Wage Theft Bill

There are currently three events scheduled to protest the wage theft bill that Scott Walker and company wants to ram down our throats.

The first one is in Milwaukee on Monday, February 23 at Zeidler Union Square at 5 pm.

The other two are both in Madison on Tuesday, February 24 and Wednesday, February 25, at noon on the State Street side of the Capitol.

There is also this:
The Senate Committee on Labor and Government Reform will be holding a hearing Tuesday, February 24.  Please join us at 9:00 a.m. to testify in opposition of Right to Work.

You can also CONTACT your legislators in opposition of Right to Work. The legislative hotline is:  1-800-362-9472

Sign the petition to stop Right to Work in Wisconsin.
Now is not the time to give up. Other states have beaten back this attack because they never surrendered and never gave up.

Yes, we have been beaten down a helluva lot in the past four years and we will probably get beaten down several more times.

But it doesn't matter how many times we get beaten down. The only thing - the only thing - that matters is how many times we get back up.

And then there is this:
At a gathering Sunday of influential Wisconsin workers and political activists, a unanimous decision was made regarding how to respond to news that the Republican majority in the state legislature plans to ram through so-called “right to work” legislation this week.

Wisconsin’s union and non-union workers have apparently had enough and today every person at the gathering voted in favor of calling for a general strike if the legislation is passed.

The attack on families by the legislature comes just a couple weeks after the release of the Wisconsin governor’s proposed biennial budget, which contains cuts of historic proportions to education, health care, state parks - even an attack on the University of Wisconsin where the governor proposed eliminating  “the search for truth” from the University’s mission statement.

The AFL-CIO (which was not represented at the gathering) is sponsoring a rally at the state Capitol on Tuesday. Groups who were represented at today’s gathering plan to use that opportunity to call for the strike, which they are confident will be honored by a wide cross-section of private-sector and public-sector employees, union and non-union workers, and students.
Are you ready to make a stand for your rights?


  1. HahahahHahHahahHahahahahahahaha! Keep fighting it just strengthens Walkers base and the media will report on some random mob mentality and the indepdents will move towards Walker!

  2. Be interesting if the public employee's will show up, or will it look like school parking lots, full of Hondas and Toyotas?

    1. What a crass and dishonest comment. I encourage you to visit a few rural schools and talk about this kind of nonsense to a few teachers. Why don't you also lie about cadillac benefits, great salaries, schools being overfunded, and all the others lies you and your ilk have perpetuated.

  3. Strike BEFORE it's passed, not after. After is too late.

  4. Expect to see a lot of senior citizens and soccer moms among the protesters. Everyone has had enough of the war on workers.

  5. Strike Tuesday

  6. I am very doubtful about the "General Strike" meeting story, which is also on Daily Kos. No real details, no mention of which unions (piano tuners?), no location of the "meeting site" named. Sounds like a lot of hot air to me. Hope people aren't getting too excited over nothing.

  7. If a group got together and decided to call for a General Strike -- they would want to -- they would have to be KNOWN!

    Anonymous meeting and anonymous calls for a general strike?