Saturday, January 14, 2012

Aaron Rodriguez' Walkergate Culpability

Almost two years ago, when people started taking a closer look at the very pro-Scott Walker blog called, they started a hasty retreat, closing their Twitter account and deleting all the comments on their site.  At the time, I followed the logic chain and concluded that all indicators pointed at the unknown bloggers being people in Walker's office as county executive.

Aaron Rodriguez, a pseudo-journalist at the Conquistador and pro-Walker blogger, left comments at other posts stating that he knew for a fact that no one from Walker's office or his campaign was writing at

But lo and behold, after the arrest of Tim Russell, long-time close friend of Scott Walker, and who had served both in Walker's office and in his campaign - sometimes at the same time - it was found that Russell had used his stolen money to purchase the domain for as well as for Walker's official website.

This can only mean one of two things: Either Rodriguez was lying when he said he knew who the bloggers for that site was or he did know that there was wrong-doings going on in the county executive's office and didn't say a word, making him culpable for not standing up for the taxpayers.

I would normally call out Rodriguez to clarify this issue, but on second thought, why bother? There's no way anyone can trust what he says.


  1. First wiggy gets caught making things up now this...our friends on the right are going to get a rep!

  2. Chris: Could I just ask that you keep including Aaron M. Rodriguez's middle initial in his name whenever possible, to distinguish him from all the other Aaron Rodriguezes out there?

    Every time you mention your "Hispanic Conservative" Walker-apologist by first and last name alone, I find myself thinking of my old neighbor, a completely different middlenamed, ultrahardworking, compassionate man of impeccable honesty -- so it disrupts the narrative, as you can imagine.