Monday, January 9, 2012

Walker Recall Proves To Be Even More One Helluva Bargain

I pointed out over the weekend that the recall of Scott Walker would be one helluva bargain for the people of Wisconsin.

Today, the price that tax payers will be stuck with for Walker puckering up to the mining companies shows that it would be even more of a helluva bargain that previously thought:
A Republican bill designed to kick-start an iron mine in far northwestern Wisconsin could mean additional costs for the state Department of Natural Resources ranging from $550,000 to $3.8 million per year, according to a DNR analysis.

The 183-page bill would make a number of broad changes, including placing time limits on the DNR to approve or deny an iron-mine application. It also caps at $1.1 million the amount that a mining company could be asked to reimburse the DNR for costs associated with the application approval process.

Those factors could lead to higher expenses and lower revenue, the agency found.

The DNR conducted a fiscal analysis to estimate the financial impact of the legislation. While acknowledging the analysis was based on assumptions and uncertainties, the agency concluded that its overall costs could increase by millions of dollars per year.
And that doesn't include the cost to clean up whatever toxic crap they spew into the air and the rivers.

But with just the mining-related costs given, the Walker recall would pay for itself in three short years.

Add all the other costs that Walker has foisted upon us and the recalls could be paid for in just months.

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