Monday, January 30, 2012

The Walker Budget Is Already Working! Part LXVII

I'm sure by now the gentle reader knows that, thanks to Scott Walker's budget, there is less spending money going around for the hard-working people of the state. And as people have less money to spend, the first thing that gets cut is discretionary and luxury spending, like eating out or staying in a hotel.

And, as usual, I am again proven correct:
Clearwaters Hotel and Convention Center's overnight guests awoke Friday morning to an unpleasant surprise: The hotel was closing, and they effectively were being booted from their rooms.

At least one Clearwaters guest booked a room with Marshfield's Holiday Inn Hotel and Conference Center for Friday night, after a note from Clearwaters management was slipped under the guest's door announcing the hotel was shutting down at 10 a.m. Friday, said Steve Luchik, Holiday Inn general manager.

By 11 a.m. Friday, the doors of the financially troubled Clearwaters Hotel, at 2700 S. Central Ave., were locked, and all the window shades were drawn.

Signs posted on the doors said Clearwaters was "closed until further notice."
And later in the article we see how Walker's trickle down economics really works:
Clearwaters' closure will hurt local tourism, several officials said.

Its 103 hotel rooms made up a significant portion of Marshfield's more than 200 total hotel rooms, said Scott Larson, executive director of the Marshfield Area Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

"It's disappointing because it's one less banquet facility that's available and 103 less rooms available for business and tourism activities," Larson said, adding that it's particularly disappointing for people with pending reservations at Clearwaters.
In other words, as the hotel fails, other businesses, like restaurants and attractions, which were probably also struggling, will also go over the edge and fail.

And to think, Walker says his budget is working.

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