Monday, January 23, 2012

Republicans Don't Like To Follow Act 10

Eau Claire County Sheriff Ron Cramer doesn't think he should take the same hits that other public employees in Fitzwalkerstan are taking thanks to Act 10.  So much so he sued to not have his wages cut.

Talk about poor leadership!

Oh, and yes, he's a Republican.


  1. Where is Westrate denouncing this move to save the taxpayers money?

  2. The Judge in this case was setting the County officals straight on the LAW!

  3. Anonymous 10:17

    Why are you defending the ruling class?

  4. Did you read the other person who filed suit with Sheriff Cramer is a long time Democrat! Treasurer Larry Loken. So now it looks like this not a republican vs. Scott Walker, doesn't hold water. The law protects County elected officials until their next term. That is why the law was in place. Dane County none of their elected officials were affected. Hmmmm

  5. The difference is, of course, the Democrats have opposed Act 10 all along, not just when it affected them.