Thursday, January 5, 2012

Walkergate: Scott Walker's Other Big Problem

The Shepherd Express published an article written by yours truly:
Scott Walker's Other Big Problem:  An Overview of Walkergate


  1. I'm so proud of you Chris! It also helps to have someone explain this whole mess in an easy to understand way, so I have concrete reasons for disliking the weasel instead of just because he's evil.

  2. "It also helps to have someone explain this whole mess in an easy to understand way"

    even if it's all BS it's what Libs want to believe

    Just listened to the DA and quickly read the complaints

    As Ricky to to say to Lucy
    "Chris... i think you have sum splainin to dooo....

    Spin away!!

  3. The meat and potatoes of 'Walkergate".

    "Chisholm said at a press conference that he could not take questions because of the ongoing investigation. He noted that Walker's administration had asked for the investigation and said his office was following the evidence without regard to politics."

  4. I don't think Walker wanted quite this much of an investigation.

  5. And if you read the Russell and Kavanaugh , it's pretty evident that Chisholm stumbled onto it while looking at more scummy dealings (probably involving campaign connections and contributions). A lot of old friends like Darlene Wink and pop up. You'll see them again.

    In other words, a lot of this iceburg is hanging out below the water. And it was Nardelli, not Walker that told Chisholm aboiut missing money. And Walker did NOTHING about Kavanaugh through at least 2010, despite being suspicious as early as 2008. Makes ya wonder why....

  6. Keep wearing the tin foil hats Jake and capper. Your hatred and lunacy have blinded to facts and quite frankly make you guys look even more foolish.
    But thanks informing the public of your brilliance.

  7. Thanks, 'tweety!

    And thanks to you to Dan, for making us all feel smarter!

  8. Feeling smart and being smart - two ends of the IQ scale.