Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Walker Budget Is Already Working! Part LVII

It's working so well that the state is about to lose another couple hundred jobs:
Joerns Healthcare announced Tuesday it will move the majority of its manufacturing operations out of state, likely leaving hundreds of local workers without jobs.

The move has angered local officials and state leaders who say they offered incentives for the company to stay in town.

In a news release, the Stevens Point-based company -- which produces medical equipment to help treat and heal wounds, furnishings for the home, and safety products to help in areas such as reducing falls -- announced it will spread the local operations between its facilities in Arlington, Texas, Matamoros, Mexico, and Dumas, Ark., over the next six to 12 months.


The release stated that some employees will be retained for product development, and customer and technical service. Caroline Berns, vice president of strategic planning and communications with the company, wouldn't say how many employees would stay in Stevens Point. The company also did not release the number of jobs that would be lost, but Stevens Point Mayor Andrew Halverson said more than 200 would be out of work.
I seriously doubt that I'm the only one that bursts out in derisive laughter every time I see a Walker commercial when he tries to tell us that his budget is working and that the state's added "thousands of jobs." They don't stand up to the tens of thousands of jobs we've lost in just the past six months.

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