Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Walker Budget Is Already Working! Part LXIII

Yet another store closing because it was bringing enough money in:
Gail Jones knows her days are numbered as manager of the Hostess Bakery Outlet on Kennedy Road in Janesville.

In fact, she said, her 13-year career might end today when corporate Hostess Brands officials visit her store at 3212 Kennedy Road to tell her exactly when she will close.

Jones said the corporate store has sold products for 30 years. Until about 18 months ago, she shared the space and split the costs of the building with Hostess route trucks that would load up each day and head out on their retail rounds.

"They say my store is not profitable," said Jones, who agrees that the added overhead has eaten up a good portion of her retail sales.
And it's not bringing enough money in because there's not enough money in the people's hands thanks to Scott Walker taking it from the working men and women and giving it to the profiteers.

Betcha that's something that's not mentioned in his State of the Please Don't Recall Me Campaign speech. (No, I'm not watching that tax-funded political ad. Why would anyone want to?)

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