Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Scott Walker: Bought And Paid For

From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:
In just over a year, Walker has raised more than $12 million in campaign donations - more than he spent to win the seat in 2010 - and despite sizable spending in recent weeks still has $2.6 million in cash in the bank, according to figures released Monday by his campaign. The Republican governor has traveled the country to raise money in recent weeks and has benefited from a quirk in the state's election law that allows elected officials facing recalls to raise unlimited amounts.
All that proves is that Scott Walker is openly prostituting himself to the big corporate interests.

James Rowen has a graphic that shows just how much Weasel à la Carte runs for, which is way beyond what most Wisconsinites, especially those that have suffered severe pay cuts or even lost their jobs, could ever afford.

It's pretty obvious who Walker is really standing with, and it ain't us.

But don't lose heart friends.  Just remember the late George Steinbrenner and his New York Yankees, who every year blew more cash on star players than most teams could afford, yet have nothing to show for it.

Likewise, all the money in the world won't hide the fact that Walker has driven jobs out of the state for six months running, has caused the state's economy to become stagnant and have the lowest economic activity in the entire country, and has shredded the constitution and the long honored and esteemed system of checks and balances.

And all the money in the world won't cover the corrupt and maleficent way he has led the state down the tubes.

Nor will it save his job.


  1. When the part of the John Doe investigation dealing with corrupt Milwaukee county real estate deals is finished and indictments are issued Scottie will need every penny he has for legal fees.

  2. Credit Scott Walker with this:

    At last he is bringing out-of-state money to pump into Wisconsin's economy!

  3. oh right, lets see what comes of this...