Sunday, January 8, 2012

"Say Republican!"

Heh. Check out this video that came across my inbox this afternoon. The video is Scott Walker and Senator Luther Olson during Walker's gubernatorial campaign tourism promotion Harley Davidson ride in 2010:

Notice that the cameraman, who is off screen, says "Say Republican!" then quickly apologized as he remembered the Democrats were there taping the whole thing. You can see Walker cringe at the telling gaffe.

And yes, that is Tim Russell, of Walkergate fame, wearing that gaudy Air Tran polo over another shirt, looking like a 1980's fashion reject.

Of course, long time readers of this site know that the whole trip smelled from day one, when Air Tran decided to sponsor the ride about the same time Scott Walker decided to give them much more space at Mitchell International Airport.

To add to the suspicious nature of the ride, Walker had moved it up from it's usual time in the middle of summer to the middle of May. *Coincidentally*, the ride just so happened to end back in Milwaukee as the State Republican Convention was about to convene in Milwaukee. Walker said at the time he moved the ride up all that time because too many people complained that in the summertime it was too hot to ride a motorcycle.

No, seriously, he really did:
This year's trek comes a month earlier and puts it just ahead of the state Republican Party convention, which runs May 21-23 in Milwaukee. Walker said he moved this year's bike trip because it got too hot during last year's ride.
And yes, Russell was acting as a county employee and was driving a county car during this trip, according to reports. It gives one cause to wonder what the Director of Housing has to do with tourism and why he was wearing the Air Tran shirt, but Walker was not.

It was the actions of Walker and Russell during this campaign bike ride that led the Democrats to file their first complaint against Walker with the DA's office. It should be interesting to see what else comes from Walkergate.


  1. "Walkergate"? only in your wet dreams!

  2. I wonder what Walker was really doing in Elmwood, WI recently.

    Remember, this is where Isaac "fake democrat" Weix owns T & S Hardware.

    Of course, Walker was there for the footage of being a caring person in a small-town school.

    Or is there more to it?