Thursday, January 19, 2012

How Much Is A Child's Life Worth?

Scott Walker is facing an inevitable recall.  WISGOP will probably lose control of the state senate.  All because they've been selling out the state and its citizens to the well-moneyed special interests.

So what does Walker and his cohorts do? Double down on their lack of integrity and ethics.  

The State Senate Judiciary Committee is prepared to ram through SB-373, which would negate already established lawsuits filed by or on the behalf of people who have suffered from lead poisoning.

Xoff thinks that Walker and company are doing this in order to gain some big time recall defense funding from WMC, who is pushing for this law to be passed.

While that rationale is a distinct probability, they may be doing it to just find themselves a place to land as they are removed from office for their malfeasance.

But whatever their motivation might be, there is no way in hell this bill should have even gotten this far.  In fact, the Legislative Council points out that other cases that likewise retroactively negate people's right for redress have been found to be unconstitutional.  


  1. What a classic example of externalities in action (!

    It's much, much worse than you've described here. As WikiPedia notes (

    "Slow development of normal childhood behaviors, such as talking and use of words, and permanent mental retardation are both commonly seen."

    The long-range health (mental an physical) impacts of lead in the environment are huge. And the social costs are enormous. There is no excuse to let lead poisoning slide by in the legal system. It costs everyone.

  2. Unconstitutional? Add it to the list, voter ID, state redistricting, shutting down the state capitol, I'm sure I'm forgetting several and continuing, I would likely be confusing plain illegal with unconstitutional and with hypocritically immoral.

    How about the legislation to change the constitutional definition of , "person," to be a human egg at the moment of fertilization? A ploy to make now legal abortion certifiable homicide? Take away choice from women but screw the health of children in dire need already born and afflicted through environmental factors and poverty.

  3. Capper, great job, as per usual! Props to Xoff.

  4. My wife, until her retirement a pediatrics nurse in the inner city, worked very hard on a lead poisoning registry with the goal of abatement. I don't know whether I dare mention this article to her. Even to me, it sounds perilously like the WISGOP have decided to trash lead poisoning victims for the benefit of their poisoners -- which stirs me to cold rage -- and I am not the member of this household who devoted years to caring for and treating such helpless victims.

    Says here that SB-373 was: "Introduced by Senators Grothman and S. Fitzgerald; Cosponsored by Representatives Kooyenga and Vos."

    Scott Fitzgerald has already been tagged for recall. State Sen. Glenn Grothman (District 20), Rep. Dale Kooyenga (District 14), and Rep. Robin Vos (District 63) should be peacefully recalled into obscurity as well.

    For their sakes as well as everyone else's. Before the parents of all the lead-affected children learn their names and what they have done.

    Idiots! When you block all legal recourse for a hideous wrong, what do you leave?

  5. Parents of Lead poisoned children exposed a "Pay to Play" shenanigans by Scott Walker and his cronies at yesterday's Committee hearing of proposed bill 353.
    Parents committed to not stand by the side and allow Scott Walker to stripe these children's rights to favor multi-billion dollars corporations.
    Parents also demanded that Dane's District attorney investigates how this proposed bill was developed, introduced and put on the fast track for approval.
    Parents left the building satisfied; because they were able to stop the committee from voting on the bill.
    Stay tune for more actions from "Parents Against Lead Poison" to uncover Scoot Walker and his cronies of "Pay to Play" activities.

  6. (Note: SB-373 is the correct bill, as linked above; SB-353 relates to "the use of seclusion and physical restraint on pupils in public schools.")