Saturday, January 14, 2012

Is There Any Walker Campaign Staff That Didn't Get A Government Job?

Scott Walker's habitual cronyism has been well documented on this site, but I am seriously beginning to wonder if there has ever been a Walker staffer that hasn't been given, or at least offered, a political appointment in Walker's administrations.

When he was county executive, we saw him give cushy spots to Bob Dennik and Tim Russell, to name just two of the horde of them.

As governor, it's even worse.

Even the most inept and unqualified have been given state jobs.

Take for example, Michael Brickman.

Brickman's claims to fame as a Walker campaign staffer was to videotape a low level SEIU guy drunkenly ramble on about embarrassing Walker and for making racist tweets directed at President Barack Obama.

We already knew that Walker gave Brickman the job of "fixing" the schools, then in the Department of Propaganda and Untruths.  Apparently he's been promoted again to the DOA:

I guess Mike Huebsch needed someone to use the calculator when adding up the $7 million that protesters didn't cause at the Capitol last year.

Even more telling is another one of Walker's crony appointments, Ashlee Moore.

Ashlee, when she wasn't busy being Walker's chauffeur, was leaving insulting comments on this site or showing her genteel nature on Twitter.

Do you know what's she doing now? I'll give you three guesses and the first two don't count.  Yuppers, she's worker for Walker:

Executive office? Given her utter lack of tact and class, I sure hope she doesn't have anything to do with working with the public.  Of course, knowing Walker, that's exactly where he put her.

You can find these two on Twitter at @BrickM and @ashleestarin respectively.  Any bets that they'll be tweeting on work time?

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