Monday, January 16, 2012

You Hoo! Fraud Commission! Found One!

The local paper which is hidden behind a pay wall is reporting that Scott Walker is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to a private investigation agency to go over 800 cases in the Foodshare program.

As I pointed out when Walker tried to do some damage control for his poor track record as governor, public sector workers used to do this for thousands of cases each year.  The most notable was Milwaukee County worker Cindy Jaeger, who recovered more money than anyone in the nation, and she sure as heck made a lot less money than Walker is paying this agency.

But I have one question that the story doesn't answer.  When Jaeger recouped the lost money, it went back to the county, since she was a county employee.  So who's getting the money that the private investigation agency supposedly finds?



  2. The posting above is for the position of government fraud investigator

    WE all need good people to enforce and supervise good programs for our common good.

    Not recent grads from Liberty U. or best buds of Koch operatives.

    Public assistance crimes are not always, or even often, perpetrated by people on public assistance.
    Medicare fraud in Florida, for example, was not the work of patients it was the work of healthcare administrators. One of them is governor of the state now. How did that happen?