Wednesday, January 4, 2012

How Scared Is Team Koch?

Team Koch realizes that the puppet they bought and paid for, Scott Walker, is in a world of hurt. Wisconsin keeps hemmoraghing jobs while the rest of the country is on an upswing. Despite his promises and repeated claims, the fact is most people's taxes have gone up and that doesn't even include the fees. Walker couldn't even balance the budget.

As a sign of how much trouble Walker is in, the Koch's front group, Americans for [the uber rich's] Prosperity is holding a prep rally. And not only are they holding this pep rally two full weeks before the recall petitions have to be filed, they are holding it in Walkersha County, which is supposed to be one of Walker's strongest strongholds.

If you have to start spending so much money to keep the basest of your base involved months before, that's a pretty clear sign that you don't have much confidence.

I can't say that I blame them for feeling that way.


  1. More like a perp rally...

  2. Getting less services for the same amount of taxes is just like raising your taxes without getting more for your money. Getting less is decreasing the value of each tax dollar.