Friday, January 20, 2012

The Walker Budget Is Already Working! Part LXI

Just last night, I explained and shown how Scott Walker's budget is bad news for the state's economy. He has basically taken away the demand for things by taking away the money people would have spent on those things. And as I have shown time and time again, the first thing to go are the luxuries and the niceties in people's lives.

And to further prove that point, we have yet another business falling to the Walker budget:
One of Cross Plains' signature businesses is closing.

Co-owners Mike Schutz and Ron Brunner have announced they are closing Feiner Home Furnishings at 2009 Main St.

A going-out-of-business sale will begin Monday and last until about May, Schutz said. The store employs five people, down from nine people three years ago. Since then, business is down 55 percent, Schutz said.

The closing is not the result of big-box furniture retailers in Madison.

"We had a higher-end store," said Schutz, a former village president and village board member. "Unfortunately, higher-end goods now, with the economy what it is, are not moving."
It's like Walker keeps hammering home the nails in his own political coffin - from the inside.

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  1. Clearly the only thing that will remedy this is more austerity and wage cuts. Anything else is just crazy talk.