Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Mickey Mouse Club

First of all, you’ve got to ask yourself. What self-respecting serious politician would want to end up on the airwaves with the Drugster Limbaugh as Walker did?

Nevertheless, Scottie took time begging for money from Wall Street chiselers to peddle the legends that the Flaming Nazi Gas Bag’s audience loves to lap up. On yesterday’s program with the Jowly Red Giant, out once again went the nonsense about fake signatures ending up on the recall petitions.

Once these thoughts are implanted in the concrete heads of Limbaugh’s followers, they of course are never extracted. But you, dear readers, are smarter than that.

Think about it. There were thousands of volunteers chasing down signatures, through the holidays, through rugged weather and dodging Packer games. To that end, many hundreds of volunteers spent thousands of hours meticulously combing through these signatures, because we all knew that this thing had to have legitimacy and besides, the GOP would have their crack any ways at knocking off suspicious signatures, as is their right. So why would we waste our time putting on the sheets fakes or duplicates?

Think about it. How would people on the right know that Mickey Mouse, Adolph Hitler or whomever appeared on the recall petitions? They wouldn’t have seen the other petitions.

So the logical conclusion is that one of them put the fake names on the sheets, and no doubt later bragged about it to his doofus buddies down at the tavern. Or more realistically, it never happened at all and Walker with the help of his buddies on FOX and elsewhere where legends are born continue to lie about it.

Accusing us of cheating? Why, that’s just projection, because cheating is what the right wing does all the time when it comes to disrespecting our electoral process.


  1. Where are the right-wing skeptics? When they make an assertion like this, why doesn't anyone question it?

  2. I am SOOooo looking forward to reading the actual challenge document they submit against these petitions. It will either be embarrassingly slight, or filled with easily refused charges of fraudulent signatures. Either way, hours of entertainment...

  3. Republicans saying that the petitions are full of phoney signatures such as Adolf Hitler would be like me saying that Bain Capital's seed-money came from Latin American drug cartels.

    It could possibly be true but obviously isn't.
    OK, that was a bad example...

  4. It's worth remembering WHY Newt Gingrich couldn't get on the primary ballot in his own home state, Virginia:

    He had paid his petition circulators for the signature-sheets they collected... giving them financial incentive to turn in more (valid or not)... and to rip him off by filling in fake signatures... so many of which got disqualified, he dropped below the required number. But by then the circulators had walked away with their pay!

    The Recall Walker petitions, on the other hand, had highly motivated volunteer circulators who wanted enough valid signatures to get Walker out of office -- no reason to mess around with "Mickey Mouse" and the like, what would be the point, when those would just get tossed out and not counted at the end?

    The people who come up with these stories... either *they're* stupid, or they think *you* are... because the pieces don't fit together, and the misfitting is just so damn obvious.