Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Rally Organizers Broke The Law

In my reviewing of the rally video done by the blogging duo of Phil Scarr and Lisa Mux, I noticed something else.  At the far right of the stage was this sign:

That is clearly a Recall Walker sign that has been defaced!

I'm sure with all the faux outrage, right wing bloggers will be calling them out in exactly never.

But perhaps I judge the organizers too harshly.  Maybe they didn't put the sign up, but one of the overzealous scofflaws in attendance.  The organizers were probably too busy picking attendance numbers out of the air to take time to vandalize any recall signs.


  1. I drive past one of these signs every day- in the yard next door. 'Intended to be a clever take on the opposition. The best part of the sign is located at the the bottom. It reads: Tell him to keep it up, IT'S WORKING! Oh, the Irony!

  2. "clearly" you are a twit

  3. Just to support the first comment, this is actually a pro-walker sign. There's one on 68th street in Tosa, just south of North Ave.

  4. As much as I hate to disagree with you, my liege, you're wrong on this one. Those are signs the pro-Walker twits had printed, they just look like the United Wisconsin Recall Walker signs. Like their theft of the "Shame, Shame, Shame!" chant, they stole these signs from us too. Originality is not a TeaPublican strong suit.

  5. getting the facts correct before spewing not exactly Cappers strong suit either

  6. Capper, how do you not know those are pro-Walker signs manufactured by supporters? They are up all over the place. You really do need to vet this stuff before you scurry up a post.

  7. Never mind the nibblers, EVERYONE thought those were "modified" signs the first time we saw them. The funny part is most people didn't notice the red "X" and assumed they were recall signs anyway.

    Bad signage buy IMHO.


  8. Um, did you all read the entire post?

    Did any of you notice, right at the very bottom, the line headed with the work "Labels"?

    The second word listed is satire. You just might want to look it up and then come back and apologize.

  9. Tommy Thompson looks like he is wearing a fruit of the loom costume-
    when did he decide he could show his rabid side?