Thursday, January 12, 2012

Today's Edition Of Do You Know Where Your Governor Is?

Yes, boys and girls, it's time for today's edition of Wisconsin's favorite game, "Do you know where your governor is?"

Is he in Madison, busy at creating more losses in jobs?  Heck, no!

Is he in Milwaukee, visiting his one of his oldest and closest friend, Tim Russell, begging him not to tell? Pshaw!  He threw Russell under the bus long ago.

Is he in the Emergency Government control room, ready to make sure everyone is responding to the winter storm which is hitting most of the state today? Ha, ha, ha, ha! We all know that we're on our own. Walker runs away from bad weather.

No, the correct answer is that Dear Leader will flee the snow, the increasing joblessness and Walkergate to go to Austin, Texas so that he can raise funds give a speech to an ultra-conservative group down there.  That's OK, some of our closest friends and family are planning on giving him the welcome he so richly deserves.

But, just one question: Texas has recently had to deal with a severe drought, wildfires, flooding and Rick Perry.  Now they're getting Walker. Just how many plagues were there again?


  1. Looking on the happy side, he is not in Wisconsin. Texas is about halfway there, five plagues down five more to go.

    Hey, maybe he is going to the 'Operation What To Do About Mitt Romney' meeting this weekend to give them the benefit of his great wisdom.


  2. @KitOConnell hosted a nice photo of Occupy Austin picketing Snotty.