Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Effect Of Walkergate Already Being Observed

The ramifications of the embezzlement arrests of Scott Walker's long time friend and crony, Tim Russell, as well as another of Walker's appointees is already starting to show its effect, all the way to Madison.

John Peterson III, who already has a shady past of voting in favor of the state Investment Board sticking $80 million into a company with ties to his own corporation, withdrew his name from consideration for being reappointed to the board on Friday.  If Russell and the others had not been arrested, it's doubtful that Peterson would have withdrawn his name.

But appointing people with questionable pasts seems to be a habit for Walker.

He was aware that Tim Russell had been terminated from the state for stealing taxpayer dollars, yet Walker willfully transferred the veterans' funding into Russell's care.  Not only that, but he kept promoting Russell to positions where he had access to all sorts of funding, including federal funding.  (Given that Russell was also their treasurer, how much you want to bet that the Republican Party of Milwaukee County is scrambling to do an audit at this moment, while they are all eyeing each other suspiciously?)

Of course, it was Walker who made Madison into Crony Capitol of the world, appointing scads of unqualified people into appointed positions just because they gave him money or other favors.

It would be safe to say that there is an established pattern for Walker that if he thinks it will benefit him in the slightest, he will not hesitate to put anyone in any position, no matter who might get hurt.


  1. Seriously.

    You may need to seek counseling when the recall fails.

    Your obsessive hatred of anything Walker related is going to take years off of your life and you may likely face a disorder not to dissimilar to post traumatic stress disorder.

    You should find a hobby, and seek professional help.

  2. Not at all. It's you I pity. No talent and no viable skill. When the campaign is done with you, you'll be back at Wally World pushing carts.

  3. 2:40

    Is this what you meant?

    "I may need to seek counseling when the recall wins.

    My obsessive hatred of anything against the 1% is going to take years off my life and I may face a disorder not too dissimilar from post traumatic stress.

    I should find a hobby, and seek professional help."

  4. Notice how the GOP trolls and wing-nuts are losing their sh_t? As the stink of corruption encircles The Wanker and his band of flabby and greedy sociopaths, his supporters will become even more unhinged.

    Like cornered rats, the dregs of society will be popping up like infected zits all over the place.

    My advice, stay as far away from them as possible and if you have to interact with a winger, make sure you disinfect afterwards.

    Occupy the Recall!

  5. "You should find a hobby, and seek professional help."

    Yes, or you could do something positive like work for the recall.

    The question is why does someone who is so concerned about the blogger write insults? Why does someone so against the stand taken by the blogger even bother to post here?

    I like this blog and think you are A-okay, cog_dis!

  6. I find it amusing that the latest right-wing spin is that the arrest of Walker's close friends and associates on embezzlement and child sex charges is a vindication of him. Really? Is that the best propaganda they can come up with? It's time for recently hired Rove protege Jocelyn Webster to start earning her wingnut welfare.

  7. Exactly, if Walker was so concerned and on top of this theft, why the hell was Kavanuagh at the Operation Freedom event in 2010. And the obvious answer is that Walker and his Administration had no idea- and Nardelli conveniently dropped the discussion of the missing money in 2009 after handing it off to the Milwaukee Co. DA.

    And Walker taking over the Operation Freedom funds from the American Legion and handing it off to his crony Tim Russell is sketchy enough, even before you realize that Russell used that money for and other Walker campaign sites.

    This week's charges were the tip of the iceburg folks.