Saturday, January 7, 2012

Cindy Kilkenny Hits The Perfecta In Foolishness

On Wednesday, as most of you know, I had an article published in the Shepherd Express which provided an Overview of Walkergate up to that moment.

Sure enough, the very morning after the paper hit the stands, Tim Russell, long time close friend and supporter of Scott Walker, and two other people were arrested.

Many right wingers, from squawk radio hosts to bloggers, were trying to frame this as being the totality of the entire John Doe investigation.

Of course, as I had shown yesterday, they couldn't be any more wrong.

One of the right wing bloggers that were flailing in their desperation to hide the truth was Cindy Kilkenny, proprietor of the questionably named "Fairly Conservative."  Not only did she have an extremely acute case of selectivitis, but displayed it to the world in extraordinary fashion:

Here's some free, unsolicited advice for Kilkenny: If you're going to write an entire post trying to show someone is wrong, first make sure they are wrong.  That was your first mistake.  And then, if you despite to attack despite being in the wrong, do try to at least check for errata.

While being deified is a complement, my name is Chris, not Christ.  And the publication is Shepherd Express, not Shepard.

If you want to prove yourself to be desperate in trying to protect your hero, that's you're business and you have that right.  But do try to take care not to give yourself the appearance as being as poorly education as Walker is.

Then you're just embarrassing yourself.


  1. OMG. You exposed "Smooth CarrotGate"

    Good for you. Although you didn't even do that.

    Besides simply hating Walker, what exactly have you done that is so profound?

  2. You know, I remember when they used to hire a higher quality of troll. You're not very good at this.

  3. Whoops. Sorry about that elevation I gave you. If I go back and change your name to Chris, will you call me disingenuous? (That's such a fun word.)

    Come on. You can't even sort of enjoy the irony in your pumping your (incorrect) omniscient rendering in print on the day charges are announced?

  4. At least he tells the truth.

  5. I can not wait until ALL of Walkers' true colors come to light.There is more coming and his supporters better get ready.I am still amazed at how many people have been fooled by this ------------

  6. Republicans have probably off-shored the troll work which would explain the inchoherence and unfamiliarity with the facts.

  7. @Cindy - Well, I would expect you to correct the errata. But since you're deep within your throes of selectivitis and refuse to even admit what is in front of your face, I'll just let you come to terms with reality at your own pace.

    @Anonymous 10:14 - Now that was funny! Too bad the opposition don't possess even a fraction of the wit our side does.

  8. Notice that the Republi-trolls say "You're wrong!", but never say WHY? What a bunch of wimps. This ain't the Sykes show, you need to come with something real there - and both you and I know you have NOTHING. There's pages of stuff from a lot of us on how this week's charges lead back to Walker cronyism and money-funneling (including using Veterans' funds for and other campaign sites), and that it's very clear from the complaint that this was a small strand on a bigger pile of corruption that was just too obvious to pass up. But the right-wing weaklings don't want to admit that easy truth

    Cindy might think that her stuff has relevance outside of the trailer trash from the 262 area code that her mediocre self hangs with, but in the real Wisconsin, she's just another whiner with no facts to counter the liberal construct known as reality.

    Maybe she'll get it when her home value plummets like Walker's approval rating, because dimwits like her are a big reason why no one under 40 is locating in cultural cesspool like Brookfield.

    A Brookfield Elementary grad (1986)

  9. When I read her blog I scratched my head in disbelief. I thought, what exactly is capper "wrong" about?

    There are times when Kilkenny appears to be rather intelligent. And then there are times when she appears to be dumber than two bags of broken hammers.

  10. This is simple, really. We say Walker's corrupt, therefore Walker's corrupt. We say Walker's going down in a John Doe investigation, therefore he's going down. We keep repeating our story and it will become fact.

  11. (re 10:13 am) Of course, it helps that there are detailed news stories, like the Tim Russell stuff now breaking, to back up every point we're making.

    Meanwhile, poor Cindy and ilk, trying to match the effect, have nothing but "You're WRONG!" [About what, exactly?] "You're WRONG!" [On what basis?] "You're WRONG!" [Cite something to persuade me...] "You're WRONG!" [Getting bored now.] "You're WRONG!" [Whups, changing the chann--]