Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Walker Budget Is Already Working! Part XLIV

Business is so good in Fitzwalkerstan that three appliance stores are closing without notice:
Employees of Appliance World, which operates three stores in southeastern Wisconsin, were told Sunday morning that the business was closing immediately and its assets were being seized by a bank.

Even though signs on the doors say "Closed for Inventory," Mike Whittaker, a sales representative at the Brookfield store, said it's unlikely the stores will reopen soon.

Whittaker said Appliance World owner Ed Aumann told 25 employees summoned to a meeting Sunday morning that "we're closing the business as of right now. It may reopen on Tuesday. I will not be the owner."

Whittaker doubts whether the business will reopen on Tuesday, and he's worried about getting his last paycheck.

Aumann did not return a phone call Sunday.

Kevin Novak, manager of the Brookfield Appliance World store, said Sunday night that he didn't know in advance of the meeting Sunday morning that the business was closing.

Novak and Whittaker don't know if customers who purchased appliances scheduled for delivery this week will get their merchandise.

"I have absolutely no idea. The owner wasn't clear on that," said Novak. "The word we got was that the company was going to reopen in some form on Tuesday to address some of these issues but there were no further details provided to us."

Whittaker, who has been a sale representative for nine years, estimated that as many as 100 customers are scheduled to get deliveries this week.

Last week "we were told only to sell things that were in stock," said Whittaker.

If the stores do reopen this week, Novak isn't sure who will be working.

"I think everybody employed by the company is looking for a new job including the owner," Novak said.
And remember at recall election time, that Scott Walker thinks this is a success. Then vote for the other person, even if it's a rancid potato.


  1. Am I missing something here? Where is there any link between current state government policies, decisions, etc. and Appliance World closing. I guess you missed the part where Appliance World was running around southeastern Wisconsin buying up inventory from other appliance stores that were closing for pennies on the dollar. Word on the street is that they got way too aggressive and you could even say greedy, and their huge bet on a massive increase in sales did not pan out.

  2. Considering this is Part XLIV, yeah, I'd say you missed a lot. But you answered your own question:

    and their huge bet on a massive increase in sales did not pan out.

    And why didn't they pan out? Because Walker took the money from the people and gave it to his big money cronies and campaign donors.

  3. Capper,

    Your lack of understanding of business and economics is staggering!