Sunday, January 15, 2012

Fitzwalkerstan: Open For Carpetbaggers

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has an interesting article about some shenanigans going on up north in Marinette County.

Marinette County has only two circuit court judges, one of which is retiring.

Two people have applied for the seat, which has more than a year until the next election.

One of the people applying is Michael Perry, who was a former sheriffs deputy who ran against his boss, lost and then got fired.  He sued, won and used his award to go to law school.  Perry is a Marinette County resident.

The other applicant is James Morrison.  Morrison just moved to Wisconsin from Michigan, in an obvious move to get the seat.  He's been schmoozing it up with the local pols and judges.  Everyone seems to think that Morrison is a lock for the job.

The kicker is his "qualifications":
[Retiring Judge Tim] Duket also expected Morrison to get the nod because he's "the Republican, conservative, Fox News type" who has been active in GOP politics, working for Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice David Prosser in his election last year.
So what do you think Walker will do? Will he go with the Marinette native who's played by the books, or will he go with the crony of Justice David "Chokehold" Prosser, who he owes a favor to for rubber stamping Act 10 without even reading the law or the case?

Here's a hint: The precedent has been set.


  1. That's not fair. Prosser read the newspapers.

  2. Illy-T,

    I thought you were going to say that Prosser read the GOP memos, but then I realized that is what you did say.