Monday, January 16, 2012

Scott Walker: A Disgrace to Martin Luther King's Memory

Personally, I don't think that it was appropriate for Scott Walker or Rebecca Kleefisch to participate in any memorial for Dr. Martin Luther King's legacy. Everything that they stand for and have done is in direct opposition of everything that King had fought for and had helped achieve. This is how regressive and oppressive Walker and his ideology are.

Don't take my word for it. Listen to Sherrilyn Ifill, a law professor and civil rights lawyer, who spoke at the ceremony at the Capitol on Monday:

Did you notice the looks on the faces of Walker and Kleefisch while Ifill spoke?

Walker looks very haggard and like he hasn't slept in a week. Is it stress? Or is it merely jet lag? And he looks like every other word is going over his head. I imagine that this must have been the look he had when he was sitting through his father's sermons and the topic was the sin of greed.

Kleefisch doesn't have the dopey look that Walker has, but she does look like she was contemplating causing physical harm to Ifill. For someone who's Twitter and Facebook handles are RebeccaForReal, Rebecca apparently doesn't like it much when things do get real and she has someone speaking truth to power.

Words almost fail me when it comes to describing how much I am looking forward to the day that we can finally start bring integrity and pride back to Wisconsin instead of these two embarrassments.


  1. Yes, recreating Martin Luther King Jr for political propaganda, and using the day meant to celebrate his courage as protesting gotcha moment.

  2. Only a right winger would find a legacy of fighting for equal rights and justice to be "political propaganda."

    Go back to your boss and tell him to hire a better quality of troll. Y'all just ain't the challenge you used to be.

  3. You must have skipped over the "recreating" part. Honestly, Capper, do you really think King would have booed a sitting Governor at a civil rights celebration?

  4. Didn't he call out and defy other governors that stood against the people? Of course he did. And he would have also called out a person as egregiously against civil rights as Walker.

    Now run along and get some talking points.

  5. Looks like Scottie thought wiping his nose was a form of clapping.

  6. This video is going viral on Facebook. Ifill actually took it easy on ol' Bobblehead. MLK Jr, would have tore him a new one.

  7. I'm sure King spoke his mind in his own eloquent way, but booing during a civil right celebration is not something he would have done. You know that, right Capper? If he did things like that, we wouldn't be remembering him today.

    That's why I said you and others like you are recreating King in your own image, which I think is quite disgraceful.

  8. Aww, everyone see that? The paid Walker troll thinks that actually following and promoting King's legacy is disgraceful. But, my dear Anonymous, have you nothing to say about Ms. Ifill's words and how Walker has failed ever so miserably in promoting civil rights, and has actually taken this state back decades in that regard?

  9. Do you know or remember what Dr King was doing in Memphis? He was there to lead a march in support of the local AFSCME union, sanitation workers. After he was killed, his widow came to Memphis to lead the march; and in no small part because of the national attention, the city of Memphis caved, and agreed to a contract with the union. It was the first public union labor contract Memphis ever had. That is, King helped them gain collective bargaining rights; he gave his life helping them gain those rights.

    Walker, on the other hand, has stripped collective bargaining rights from public worker unions, including Wisconsin chapters of AFSCME. Walker has taken away from Wisconsin workers that which King gave his life to help Memphis workers attain.

    But to you it was the booing that was the problem today?!?

  10. People wouldn't have to react if the main stream media were telling the truth about how the Voter ID law is making it difficult for rural and poor people to vote.

    People wouldn't have to react if the truth were told about how these collective bargaining law eliminations and cuts to education are really an effort to seriously undercut public education, possibly eliminate it, so that a profit can be made from taxpayer dollars.

    People wouldn't have to react if the newspapers and TV and radio shows told the truth. Since they are not telling the truth, we the people dissent.

    Besides, Walker strove to polarize us, now the complaint is that events shouldn't be political? Sorry, everything is political now. You reap what you sow.

  11. Governor Walker's policies make MLK more relevant to me today than ever. As well as many of MLK's associates who were with him at that time and are still with us today.

    Thanks to Governor Walker, I'm paying attention a lot now, as are many of my neighbors in Wisconsin, and across the U.S..

  12. MLK will be remembered for years to come. This blog will quickly be forgotten.

    1. Wow, you sure did get a bunch of trolls!

      So, trolls: if you can't add anything of substance(which we would all like)to the blog topic that you're replying to, you actually add more validity to the blogger.

      Sockpuppets are easily identified and dismissed.

  13. The funny thing is the more the trolls visit and the more they comment, the more prominent they make this site in the search engines. By attacking me like that, they are defeating their own purpose.