Monday, January 16, 2012

Want To Save Taxpayer Money? Look At Walker's Travel Budget

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is reporting that Scott Walker, who prides himself on supposedly being a frugal manager of taxpayer dollars, was going to be in Milwaukee this morning for a Martin Luther Kind Day breakfast and back in Madison for a noon event in the Capitol.

In between these events, he jetted up to Superior to make some sort of job announcement that will cost the taxpayers even more money in corporate giveaways.

Maybe someone should look at his travel budget and cut it in half to save money.  The make Walker's campaign pay for the remainder, since he's doing nothing more than campaigning on the taxpayers' dime anyway.


  1. Did you happen to notice that the $50 million in tax credits for 600 jobs would have paid for 60 - 80 months of high speed rail operating costs. According to, high speed rail was expected to create 4732 jobs for construction in 2012, with lower numbers for ongoing operation and maintenance. Many of those permanent jobs would have been at the Talgo plant in an area of Milwaukee that is in desperate need of investment.

    1. Not to mention, and while off direct-topic, that possible GTac/Penokee leg. that would leave the state of Wisconsin "on the hook" for the cost to the DNR.

      I suppose, when it was a pet project like the mine, having the state on the hook for any cost won't matter.

  2. You try to get Walker to pay for his own travel expenses, he'll go find a judge and before you know it the GAB will have to pay for people to carry him to his various campaign stops - uh, I mean work assignments - on their backs.

  3. The dude needs that travel expense so he can jump in front of cameras as fast as possible so he can make it look like it was he, and he alone, who made something positive happen.