Thursday, November 1, 2012

Koch/Walker Fundraiser Gets Rained Out

From PRWatch:
A Scott Walker-David Koch fundraiser has been sunk by "Superstorm Sandy."

Walker was scheduled to headline a New York Republican State Committee fundraiser tomorrow in New York City hosted by Koch, among other well-heeled GOP bigwigs. A New York State Republican Party notice today informed participants that the event has been postponed.

The event was to feature not only a $1,000-a-plate lunch at the famous '21' Club on Manhattan's Upper Westside but a $2,500 combo deal that gets the donor lunch along with a photo op. What's unknown is how much a picture of Walker and Koch will be worth afterwards.
Do read the whole article to get a load of the who's who of the rich and infamous that were also supposed to be at this shindig.

But now what is Walker going to do?

Destroy more jobs? Pass more unconstitutional laws? Prepare for Tim Russell's trial? Or maybe prepare for his own trial? Finally get his trip out to Cali?

Gee, don't ya feel sorry for the poor guy?


  1. Does Walker spend any time in Wisconsin?

  2. Obviously God punished New York for permitting such an evil man to visit.

  3. I hope all the people that voted for Scooter are happy. What a loser.

  4. @Gareth- Nah. Sandy was Mother's Nature's stimulus package to the USA.