Sunday, November 11, 2012

State Republicans Veer For The Low Road - Again

It sure didn't take long for the Republicans in the state senate to show their hand on what they are planning for their next term:
Republicans in the state Senate have chosen Scott Fitzgerald as their leader again.

Fitzgerald, a Juneau Republican, served as Senate majority leader during most of the last two-year session. He lost the post after Democrats seized control of the chamber in June’s recall elections.

Republicans re-captured the majority in Tuesday’s elections, however. They caucused on Thursday to pick their leaders and unanimously elected Fitzgerald to his old position. They also unanimously elected Mike Ellis, a Neenah Republican, as Senate president, a spot he held until the recalls.
Well, isn't that special?!

Let's look at the history of the majority leader that they unanimously voted for:
  • Scott Fitzgerald rammed through a bill that gave him massive tax credits because he owns a horse.
  • Scott Fitzgerald had all the Republicans sign secrecy oaths regarding their gerrymandering, then allows his office aides and his political fund raiser, Judith Rhodes-Engels*, discuss the matter with other aides via private email accounts.  
  • Scott Fitzgerald has his fund raiser share his list of donors with Scott Walker's fund raiser, Kelly Rindfleish, while Rindfleisch was supposed to be working for Milwaukee County taxpayers.
  • Scott Fitzgerald lied so much and so badly that even Faux News couldn't believe him.
  • And most egregious, Scott Fitzgerald tried to sic the state police on his political opponents.
We already know that the Republicans' agenda includes ramming through the mining bill they did not write, ramming through right-to-exploitation work rules and even more tax breaks for the wealthy and big companies.

Now we know one thing that won't be showing up on their list is ethical conduct.

*It's been said that Rhodes-Engels has assumed her usual position in Fitzgerald's Capitol office.


  1. I miss going to his house and harassing him and his wife Lisa

    1. Was he even there, or was he in some deep meeting with his fundraiser?

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