Thursday, November 1, 2012

Tommy's Entitlements - Updated!

We covered this a month ago, but thanks to Zach @BB this needed to be updated! 

"Then he(Scott walker) says to the Unions, we are going to ask for help.  Isn't that tough.  AWWWWWWWWW.  We're gonna say we would like you to pay 5% of your retirement.  Are you kidding me? What's wrong with that?  Can you tell me, is that a crime? And then he had the audacity to say,  we are going to ask you to pay 5% for your healthcare.  Isn't that sad?   Can you tell me, is that a crime? Can you tell me why are we having a recall"  Tommy Thompson - 1/21/12

"A measely 5 % of retirement....and 5% of healthcare" Tommy Thompson regarding State Employees (of which he used to be one). Since Tommy will not release his tax returns,   Let's take a little deeper look!

 The average base pay salary for a Milwaukee police department employee was $48,177

The Milwaukee Fire Department's net salary and wage total for FY 2011, according to the city budget, was $69,465,872.

The avergae wage of a Madison Metropolitan High School teacher is $50,193. 

The salary of Wisconsin's  Governor is $137,092/year.(X14 = $1,919,288).  

While Tommy Thompson is throwing red meat to a crowd of crazies, criticizing public workers, who make $50,000/yr, let's see what money means to Tomney.

The 14 year Governor of WI, Tommy Thompson made in his public employee gubernatorial career alone (give or take a few dollars) $1,919,288. 

For those scoring at home,  Tommy made as Governor of WI.  OVER One Million nine hundred thousand taxpayer dollars.

What did Tomny say when he left office?  Thank you?

Nope he said this :

"Everybody knows I was broke when I left Government 5 years ago and I went and made some sheckels,  Not as many as you guys think I have made. but i ahh uuuh aaahhh uhhhhh......." Tommy G Thompson. 

SO asking most state employees to pay an extra 10% towards your their pension and healthcare and they get an "aww isnt that sad" from the person who wants to be US Senator, yet has made over $2,000,000 was "broke"?   And we want him having control over our budget??

Extra credit. 

"It's tough to go back, there is no question about that."  Tommy Thompson referring to joining the US Senate after being a lobbyist.  

FYI: salary for a US Senator -  $174.000.00 per year!    Its hard for Tommy to end his lobbyists days where he makes millions, and go back to working for a measly $174,000/yr. 

Extra Extra Credit:
The one thing we know for sure about Tommy?  He did not make his millions based on merit pay

There has been an update. Tommy Thompson massive greed and lack of ethics aside, now tries to pass the responsibility for his selling his soul to the lobbyist for money now says it was not his fault it was his wife's!

I know many of you think he must not be referring to Sue Ann, and you are probably right! Let's take a look at the facts.

Tommy Thompson said he was "broke when he left office". While Tommy was Governor(for 14 years) he made approximately $140,000 dollars a year, and left with a pension paying him approximately $90,000/ yr. Add to that the fact he lived rent free in the Governor's mansion, had cadillac health care, and most of his expenses covered.

Sue Ann Thompson is small town Wisconsin and has been a teacher and lifelong advocate for women's health issues. We are supposed to belive that the cancer survivor who says that having gratitude is good for your health, told Tommy that $140,000/yr with a $90,000 yr pension was not enough money for her. That he needed to get out and make "decent money" so she can go out and buy material things?

Either Tommy Thompson just threw his wife under the bus, or she is not the woman we all thought she was!


  1. Not to mention that thru the years we gave up raises in order to maintain those benefits and we didn't get back a dime when Walker shoved those costs up our asses.

    We were giving up raises when the private sector was getting double digit raises, signing bonuses, profit sharing, 401k's+matches, employee discounts, company paid holiday parties, summer picnics, sporting event trips, and many other benefits that are not even allowable in the public sector - unless of course you are an elected representative and then all bets are off since the rules do not apply to them.

    Interesting that Tonette, a high school grad who only had a low level insurance company job wanted Wanker to get a job in the private sector so he could make some "real money". Gee I thought that all the money was in the public sector. . . . . I'm so confused.

    1. Amen. Couldn't have said it better myself, except remember Wanker does not have a college degree himself. Hence the diploma envy/bashing.

    2. Well, to address your Tonette point, you would have to know her family's history and what "business" they are into. Tehre is a lot of money in that "line of work."

    3. I always thought Scott proposing to Tonette in writing on a bar napkin was indicative of something.

  2. I agree with the above post and have been telling everyone I know for years the real story of educators and their pay history. I just can't understand how Thompson and Walker managed to vilify public employees and teachers to the effect that they have. Their supporters are either gullible or greedy. They would rather have the rights of others taken away than their precious taxes raised. One clue of course is at the 6:25 mark on the video above. I remember watching it with disbelief at the time, and when I heard that he was running for Senator, I hoped it would be replayed. This man will not be a Senator for all of us. He is definitely not for Wisconsin. He is going to be for big business all the way.

    1. I am a retired educator. I am tired of the vilification foisted upon us by the public and politicians. I could not in good conscience tell any young adult to seek a career in education with the climate as it is.

  3. I'm so embarrassed by this guy. I don't get it. What do people see in him.

  4. Nothing like throwing Sue Ann under the bus! What an ASS!