Saturday, April 6, 2013

Chris Abele: Serial Promise Breaker

When Chris Abele was first elected as Milwaukee County Executive, he had promised that he would not be like his predecessor, Scott Walker, in that he would actually work with the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors instead of working against them.

What a farce that was!

In the two years since he made that promise, he has repeatedly broken that promise, in big ways and in small ways.

Some of the biggest ways he broke that promise include:
  • Trying to frame former County Supervisor Johnny Thomas on bribery charges. The accusations were so baseless, it took the jury less than 90 minutes to acquit Thomas.
  • Abele also wants to "work" with the board by hamstringing them and making them sock puppets to rubber stamp whatever cockeyed schemes he comes up with.
  • In an effort to promote the previous point, Abele has had his acolytes and propagandists go on a laughable smear campaign consisting of nothing but innuendos, hearsay and lies.
If that was not enough to show the gentle reader that Abele was never serious about working with the Board and was only focused on his usurpation of power, undeniable evidence was provided this week.

After it becoming increasingly apparent that the majority of Milwaukee County Citizens are opposed to the overreaching power grab by Abele and his fellow plutocrats, Board Chairwoman Marina Dimitrijevic reached out to Abele and gave him another chance for him to keep his promise for once:
Milwaukee County Board Chairwoman Marina Dimitrijevic on Thursday called for having a mediator help settle differences between the County Board and County Executive Chris Abele on reforming county government.

"I'm willing to sit down with a mediator to get this done," Dimitrijevic said during a forum at Marquette University Law School.
In response, Abele, who said he wanted to work with the Board, declined the opportunity to be good to his word:
Abele, who wasn't a participant in the forum, said afterward that the County Board has had more than a decade to reform itself in the wake of the county pension scandal but had failed to do so.

"No, I don't think so," Abele said, when asked whether he'd be willing to try a mediation session on county reform. "I don't think it's going to work."

The board has taken every opportunity to expand its authority and to resist reforms, Abele said. As an example, he said Dimitrijevic had privately agreed to his request to have one of the county's lobbyists report to him but failed to follow through when the board acted on the 2013 county budget.

Abele said his support for Sanfelippo's bill was not about personalities - "It's about a system that just doesn't function."
Well, isn't that rich? The little rich boy who is throwing a months-long temper tantrum because he was told no for once in his spoiled life is now complaining about a "system that just doesn't function."

I doubt he has the intellectual honesty to realize that the system does not function because he he thinks he is above being accountable and doesn't want to be a part of it.

The truth is he is still trying to dodge anyone taking a close look at his own office and the waste, the fraud and unethical behaviors stemming from there. Because if people did, he might not be able to transform Milwaukee County into a plutocrat's playground. And he definitely wouldn't be able to con the taxpayers into footing the bill for it.


  1. A Fox has come out. Nothing but a Walker clone. That Abele - Stone race was a farce.

  2. If people wanted a county executive such as this, they would've voted for Stone and not Abele