Saturday, April 6, 2013

Walker Supporter Thinks Terrorist Attack On Milwaukee "Not A Bad Thing"

On Thursday, April 4, the Joint Finance Committee held their first public hearing on the state budget.  Wisconsin Eye was there and taped all of the statements offered by the citizens.

I would point the gentle reader's attention to Part 3 at the 2:28 mark.

At about that time, a man named Rudy Gomez speaks.  Gomez, who apparently is a member of the Milwaukee Police Department, supports Walker's budget , especially the removal of residency requirements.

Fair enough.

But during his statement, he says this:
Terrorists might attack Milwaukee - maybe that's not a bad thing, OK- but the cops, the firemen, we will be there.
It's not a good thing that someone who is sworn to protect and serve a city doesn't want to live there, but to say it wouldn't be a bad thing for terrorists to attack goes beyond the pale.

It's not very reassuring of where his level of commitment really is.  It would be better to have someone who is invested in the community instead of just doing a job.


  1. He expresses loyalty to Milwaukee but wishes vengeance on MLK. All he wants to do is inflict pain on MLK residents. Residents of MLK should be outraged that he said these things.

  2. Many individuals who work for a community have issues with residency requirements. Sadly a large numnber of those who resent and often circumvent these requirements are first responders. This is a clear indication of where their interests lie and it is not with those they were hired to "serve". This TOOL is an example of why Walker chose to exempt police from his policies regarding collective bargaining. Walker knew from past observation that a large segment of those who "serve" are SELF SERVING first and he also knew he would need them to enforce his FASCIST policies. This TOOL is a classic example of one of Walker's Fascist Pigs. Not all should be tarred with this brush but this one has no problem showing his true colors so heat up the tar buckets.

  3. I am shocked that there is not more outrage with his comment from community leaders.

  4. This is Tea Bagger humor at it's finest and the joke is funny because everyone knows that terrorist attacks are so freaking hilarious. Would any sane citizen want a cop like Gomez to respond to their 911 call? The best place for him is chained to a desk.

  5. Is this the same Gomez who was involved in an off-duty bar fight?