Thursday, April 4, 2013

Walker's Presidential Hopes Start To Implode

The worst kept secret in the world came out a few weeks ago when even the corporate media realized that Scott Walker wants to be president.

He's so serious about it that he even has a ghost writer who will try to bury his skeletons.

But unfortunately for Walker, the stench of his epic failures precede him.  It can't be easy to hide his failure in job creation, his wanting to borrow more than $2 billion dollars and still running a budgetary deficit and having to spend nearly a million dollars to keep his hide out of prison (for now).

So, how bad is it looking for Walker?

Well, digby found an article in the Washington Post which pretty well sums it up:

Since it's hard to read, here's the key point:
Walker and Jindal could be two of a number of governors who become presidential candidates in the future.  
Digby thinks it's an editorial oversight.

I'm not so sure.

Via FDL, we find a recent poll from Quinnipiac University which really shows how low Walker has dropped in the eyes of his fellow Republicans:

Click to embiggen

Yup, you read that correctly.  Walker is only getting 2% of the poll.  The only bright news Walker can get out of that poll is that he is beating Mitch McConnell and the infamous "someone else."  He can't even beat Jeb Bush for crying out loud!

Before the gentle reader gets their hopes up too high, they should remember that Walker is enough of a megalomaniac that he is incapable of recognizing the writing on the wall and will charge headlong to his eventual epic fail.  Sadly, he will also leave a trail of scorched earth behind in his wake.

However, the staff at Cog Dis are willing to go to any extent to help the gentle reader understand what is going on.  In that light, we sent our top spies to the secret location of Walker's campaign wagon to see how they are taking the news.

I'd dare say, they didn't take it all too well:

Don't worry, Walker's DNR has said that all those exploding chemicals and smoke present no hazard to the people in the area - as long as they would just go without breathing for the next few years.


  1. In 2014 Wisconsin voters need to send Scott Walker to his next job as a corporate lobbyist. A 2014 defeat for Walker will promptly end all discussions of the White House.

    To do so, Wisconsin Democratic leadership needs to get its act together and recruit a strong candidate.

    Russ Feingold would destroy Walker. But Russ gives no indication that he would run. Any ideas on how we appeal to Russ to run against Walker? I consider it his patriotic duty to do so.

  2. The surest way to end Scott Walker’s dreams of the White House is to send him packing in 2014.

    To do so, the Wisconsin Democratic Party needs to get its act together. It needs to recruit a strong candidate to run against Walker.

    Russ Feingold is clearly the strongest candidate. But he shows no interest in running. What can we do to motivate him? I believe it is Russ’ patriotic duty to run.

    1. Agreed. As a moderate my support of Scott Walker was tepid at best; however I was less impressed with Tom Barrett. In 2014? IMHO Russ Feingold would win- easily. Ron Kind could win. Barca, Hansen, Falk, et al would lose. Any other Dem out there with statewide appeal and the money to pull this off?

    2. Baldwin could also win, but I don't think she would run either.

    3. Yes she would and no she won't. Doyle? Ha- he won't. Maybe it's time for Charles Woodson or Donald Driver, or maybe Herb Kohl or Paul Soglin still have four years left in them?
      Call Russ now!!!!!

    4. If feingold won't run, we should probobly emphasize Kathleen Vineout

  3. The most important issue to the electorate is job creation.

    Consider the Wisconsin Republican triumvirate of Scott Walker, Paul Ryan and Reince Priebus and their efforts at job creation.

    The only Scott Walker initiative toward job creation is the mining legislation. A new mine will not create any jobs before 2014 and even 2016. So Walker fails at job creation.

    Paul Ryan’s budget is pure austerity which means fewer jobs and would send the economy into recession.

    Reince Priebus is way out of his league as Chairman of the Republican Party. Plus it is obvious that he is a drunk. Go to YouTube and search “Reince Priebus.” The first YouTube search suggestion is “Reince Priebus drunk.” Watch the videos of him at the Republican Convention or being interviewed on TV and he does look drunk. This is a huge competitive advantage when the GOP leader has his judgment severely impaired.

    That is played out with Priebus making absurd claims that Democrats support infanticide because of the Party’s support for Planned Parenthood. That will not win new votes from women. Then there is the continuing hatred his Party has toward minorities. He does not correct the many racist comments by Republican politicians. He cannot control his base and their racist hatred for “pathway to citizenship.” He does nothing to stop voter suppression laws by Republican-controlled states. All this means is that ethnic minorities will not vote Republican and they will be motivated to show up at the polls.

    A drunk cannot control a tiger by the tail. That is what the GOP is today. Voters will not tolerate the tiger terrorizing the villagers.

    But back to my original point. Reince Priebus and his Republican Party are still hung up on social issues that will not win votes, while having no viable plans for job creation. The reason they have no plans is because they believe their own BS that government cannot create jobs, despite the abundant evidence to the contrary.

  4. walker is rancid cheese, but he can be catapulted into the white house!

  5. Minor correction: that's McDonnell, not McConnell, as in Bob, Virginia's Governor Ultrasound.


  6. Chris, that's Bob "Transvaginal Probe" McDonnell, not Mitch "Self-Filibuster" McConnell that Walker is leading in early 2016 Republican presidential primary polls.

  7. Walker needs to ramp up the Republican crazy-talk in order to start registering some numbers in the Presidential polls. Beating down teachers and public workers is all well and good, and borrowing billions to cut taxes has already been done to death. He needs to start pounding on issues like guns, vaginas, secession, Jesus, the purity of the white race, his love of torture and most of all, homosexual-bestiality so as to inoculate himself against the charge that he surrounded himself with gay people while Milwaukee County executive. Republican primaries are always dirty and you can bet his opponents will push-poll and anonymous phone call the hell out of him on that issue alone.

    But he has to wait until after the 2014 election is over before starting to speak in tongues or he will be a one term Governor. With 46% of the populace hating his guts there is little room for error.

  8. once again, as an out of stater in a blue state, my deepest sympathies for your unfortunate representation in government. And by unfortunate, i mean FUBAR. The R can stand for reason. Or rationality. Or... ruh-roh! Take your pick.

    Maybe next time though, before someone blows up a camper, you can advertise that a meeting of pro-choice inter-racial gay couples for UN small-arms gun registry is inside plotting with computers running on solar power. Then maybe the entire Republican state party will organize a hasty press conference right outside.

    I HAVE A DREAM! (Just kidding, of course, long live MLK's dream );>)

  9. i think the people of wi JUST might be finally waking up!