Monday, April 8, 2013

White Wisconsin Is On The Air

It should not come as a surprise to anyone that Charlie Sykes is a racist.  His show and his blog is full of examples of his race baiting.

Heck, he's so bigoted that he will only let the "right" conservative black writers
publish articles on his latest endeavor, "White Wisconsin."

But even as inured as we are to Sykes' race baiting and bigotry, he went to new lows last Thursday.

Image courtesy of
One Wisconsin Now
On his show, he was doing his usual race baiting, ranting that poor people might actually get a pittance each month instead of that money going to the poor corporate special interests.  After all, if groups like the Bradley Foundation isn't allowed to get all the money, Sykes and his wife, Janet Riordan - who is the director of communications for Bradley Foundation - won't get their hundreds of thousands of dollars for being good little propagandists.

But I digress. 

On his show, he played the audio for part of this song, which is called "It's Free Swipe Yo EBT."  I must warn the gentle reader that this is most definitely Not Safe  For Work.

The video is full of exaggerated racial stereotyping of black women that one would expect from racists 

Here is the transcript for the part that Sykes played for the seven people who still listen to him:
“Will the restaurant accept the EBT cards where they have food, Jack In The Box, KFC, Subway, El Pollo Loco, Rally’s Burger, most of the donut shops, and the burger stands, Woody Barbecue, R Fish Market, the beauty supply stores on Crenshaw, and Rainbow on Lebrea, you can buy you some clothes. How much you got on your EBT card?” 
“Girl,  I got enough to get turned up, and I took the kids to the baby-sitter, and which liquor store take the EBT card where you get that Patron last time?” 
“Public Service Announcement. This is where the taxpayer money goes. 
“Come to California. Free welfare, free liquor, free food!”

Even though it's been days since Sykes played this offensive piece of offal, there has been no series of stories by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, as they did to Graeme Zielinski.  There's been no hypocritical, selective outrage from the left or the right about this, as there was with Zielinski.

In fact, the only ones to even mention Sykes' race baiting at the time of this writing is the Wisconsin Democratic Party and Zach Wisniewski at Blogging Blue.

I find this double standard very disappointing.  What is good for the goose is good for the gander.  

And as Zielinski had consequences for his ill advised tweets, Sykes should receiving consequences for this, the latest and most severe of his race baiting stunts.

UPDATE: Sykes says he'll be as racist as he wants to be.  What a classless and hypocritical fool he is.


  1. What I like best in the DPW release is that Sykes is ID'd as a GOP spokesman. Because he is, as evidenced by Walker scripting his interviews with Chuckles. I think it's time to continue to ask why Wisconsin's sports teams decide to be on a station that backs such race-baiting and this divisive administration. Sports programming on 620 is the only reason Chuckles has any listeners to begin with.

    But stop defending Graeme. He was an unprofessional buffoon that's a better fit for a talk show. We should be demanding balance in media to get a voice like Graeme's on the air in the state's biggest media market

  2. Well what can I say. we dont have tom joyner in the morning we dont have micheal baisden we dont have earl ingram we dont have al sharpton we dont have warren valentine. we as black people dont have a voice on radio anymore. this was done deliberately and by design. 2014 will be very interesting in wi w/o our comentary to conteract sykes. but that is they way it was design. i guess all is fair in love war and politics. a win is a win right GOP nutjobs.

    1. Al Sharpton isn't on the radio because he's on TV; it's not like you can't still access him, you just have to switch the media. Try MSNBC in the evening!

    2. Sharpton has a radio show and it was on WMCS until they switched formats last month.

  3. oh is was writing fast and i did not spell check so please no comments from the peanut gallery oh but i forgot that is the only way some folks get their point across; right GOP nutjobsd.

  4. So, Sykes airs something that's been out there for over a year and he's a card carrying racist employed by a racist organization hell bent on putting blacks down?

    Joe McCarthy would have been real proud of you guys...

    1. because if you're only repeating racist rhetoric you can't be labeled a racist?

    2. Yes, because someone put a gun to Chuckles' head and made him play it?

      Please. The open secret among the Milwaukee area GOP and their spokesmen on 620 and 1130 is that the common thread among this group is racism. I thought Chuckles was all about people having to accept consequences for their actions. Or is that just for "those people"?

  5. "because if you're only repeating racist rhetoric you can't be labeled a racist?"

    That's what this racist post is doing by definition, clueless.