Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Abandon Hope Ye Who Enter Here

By Jeff Simpson


This from John Hermes:

Good morning all. It's the morning after the election. While we are sorry we did not bring home a win for the 82nd District, we do know we laid everything on the table and gave it our very best effort. I am very certain and proud of that fact.
When Brandon and I looked at the vote totals last evening we both agreed that we had run the correct race, at the correct time, and applied the correct strategies. We firmly agreed that we would not have changed one thing.
As a campaign, we focused on real local issues and upon returning true and experienced representation to our district. We had the better ground game, we remained on focused message, our literature was more targeted and rich in content, we raised money through individual and traditional means, and our team knocked on as many district doors as was possible in the eight weeks we were given. We did everything you are suppose to do to win these races and communicate with the voters.

The Vote Totals:

 Skowronski received 3951 votes while Hermes received 2195 votes.

We got beat 2-1 and did "everything right".

Show up for the next local Democratic Party meeting to voice your displeasure: 


PS:  Is it clear to anyone yet that this is NOT a winning strategy on the Democratic ticket?


  1. Someone had better wake up women in Wisconsin to the fact that Republicans are moving -- step by step -- to BAN all birth control pills ("murder" to these Catholic and Evangelical legislators since it prevents a fertilized egg from implanting in the uterus). Think of it ladies (and your significant other) -- NO birth control pills even if you pay for it yourself.

    Kind of puts a *damper* on things, doesn't it.

  2. Looks like people are going to need that GOP stick in the eye (like what happened to the state employees with Act 10,) to convince them that voting for the republican is not in their best interest.

    1. Even then many will search for some sort of accommodation to minimize the pain of that stick in their eye. Meantime the reich wing will be gathering more sticks and looking for the next stickees.

  3. Was there really any hope in the Stone Seat? C'mon -