Friday, December 6, 2013

The Grinch Bounce

Not that anyone but I would really be interested in this, but this is the kind of spike that the site got when the Walker Grinch Black Friday email story took off on the national and international levels:

Just a little bit of a pick up.  Is it any wonder why the Walker Grinch threw that staffer under the bus?

I'm wondering if he's this sloppy now, how long until he has a moment like Romney's 47% comment?


  1. Not long. Leave him enough rope...

  2. I believe that there is already a Mitt Romney 47% type comment from Walker on vid...just awaiting the appropriate time for release.

    1. I'd be waiting for the indictments to post Scott's #RomneyFail

  3. Seeing your stats is interesting. I used to do stuff like that when I blogged, altho usually it was more about referrals or trolls.

    I used your story to make an in-the-comments correction at another blog where they bought into the media spin. A liberal blog but still, crickets. [sigh]

  4. He's made lots of Romney 47%-like statements, media just weren't paying attention. That would change if he actually were to run for national office. Then he'd be worse than Romney. He'd be the new Sarah Palin. He's an idiot if he thinks the free ride he's getting from the media will continue. They love to build people like him up just so they can knock them down.