Monday, December 9, 2013

Public Property

By Jeff Simpson

Dan Bice and JSonline, has been inexplicably trying to make center right leaning Mary Burke out to be a radical leftist(whatever that is).  

Here is one of his latest

Mary Burke hires ex-union official ticketed in Racine protest 

  Last year, the one-time labor organizer garnered media attention after she was ticketed for illegally picketing during a rowdy Racine protest that police said left some attendees "visibly traumatized." The rally was aimed at satirizing rich Republicans.

 Apparently, satire is as illegal as singing in Scott Walker's Wisconsin. 

To my friends at JSonline.  Here is a better headline.  

Political Wisconsin Woman Joins Political Campaign.   

 17 people showed up in a limo, driven on public streets, dress in top hats and nice dresses and protested a fund raiser, being held for public officials Robin Vos and Paul Ryan on a public sidewalk.  
Sure I get that it was a "private" residence, but when you are buying public property, then you have to learn to deal with the public.   Unless of course, the favors you want when you buy a politician is only for the benefit of your "private" residence. 

 Vos' benefactors were so visibly shaken by having to deal with the plebe's, that they immediately ran to the police(as soon as Paul Ryan was done begging for money that is).  
It is very nice and handy to have your own police force, that the taxpayers fund.  It gets embarrassing whoring yourself out to  the highest bidder and even more embarrassing being caught purchasing these prostitutes so it is very nice when you can get the public union workers on the police force to cloean up the streets of anyone who might see you!  

This of course gives our friends on the right a chance to hammer home the ridiculous union thugs line once again.   Here Aaron Rodriguez can't wait to take an unfair shot:

Want an occupy protester to help the upper echelons win public office? No problem, just give Zellner a call. Want an ardent unionist to campaign for a wealthy exec who made millions off non-unionized labor? No problem, Zellner is just a phone call away.  Need someone to scare grandma off a cliff, Zellner seems to be up for the challenge. 

Seriously though, when you work this closely with "formerly" convicted felon and all around scumbag Scott Jensen, can you really complain about anyone else's acquaintences?




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  1. The false equivalencies and megaphone that Bice has been giving to WisGOP talking points is disgusting. And Bice knows better, so you have to wonder if word has come down at JournalComm to support Walker, even if it permanently destroys what little credibility the J-S may have.

    They're going to look really bad in a few months, won't they?