Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Science on the Down Low

By Jeff Simpson

In what should NOT be a story:

On Wednesday Rep. Jeffrey Mursau, R-Crivitz, the chair of the Assembly Committee on Environment and Forestry, will co-host a forum with the panel's ranking Democrat, Rep. Fred Clark, D-Baraboo, on the effects of climate change in Wisconsin.

When Rep. Mursau and Rep. Fred Clark decided to get together and have a discussion on the effects of climate change, it seemed innocent enough.

The forum will include testimony from a number of experts, including two UW-Madison climate scientists — Dan Vimont and Galen McKinley — and other environmental experts, such as Michelle Miller, associate director of the UW Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems, and David Liebel, a UW engineering professor who specializes in storm water systems.
"Our goal on this thing is to open the conversation with our colleagues about climate change," says Clark.
 In Fitzwalkerstan though, common sense and logic are so 2009.   It seems that having a discussion about climate change and including actual scientists and experts in the discussion is something that is inexcusable.

The right wing noise machine went ballistic, from the racist Brian Sikma to the  racist, sexist, boring Jerry Bader to the shrill, hateful Vicki Mckenna.  All are having a three year old temper tantrum thinking that people might actually learn something during a bipartisan gathering.  

In today;s republican party, open minds, compromise and bipartisanship are unwelcome and will be punished!     As prominent as the hate and ignorance is amongst the base and the right wing echo chamber on the right, a lack of backbone is just as prominent in the elected official class. 

It is this type of controversy that Clark said he is trying to avoid by keeping the forum, which is not an official committee hearing, off-limits to media and the public.
"Unfortunately some of these extreme tea party groups are really threatening a lot of legislators who might even have an interest in coming to learn about this issue," he said. "This is a briefing for legislators. We want to dial down the expectations or the grandstanding as much as possible."
 How sad that when our Legislature is finally discussing one of the most important topics facing mankind, they are forced to do it behind closed doors in private. When people in Wisconsin have an actual opportunity to learn something important and our legislature has a chance to show real leadership, they have to do it on the downlow! 

I guess we are relegated to pushing women around and cronies cashing out with taxpayer money as long as Scott Walker and the republicans are in charge of WI! 


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