Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Kaleka Is Getting Warmer, Zerban Is Still Hot

A couple of months ago, we learned that there would be a primary in the First Congressional District to see who would get to take on Paul Ryan.

One of the candidates is Amardeep Kaleka.  At the time that Kaleka was announcing his candidacy, I noted that several concerns about his campaign, one of which was that his exploratory committee was based in California:

Just like almost every other political candidate and every group, Kaleka sent out an email begging for that end of the year contribution before Tuesday night's reporting deadline.

The email in itself isn't anything unusual as far as these sorts of emails go.  However, I did notice that there was a new address for Kaleka's campaign:

Now, instead of being based in California, the campaign is now headquartered in a post office mailbox in Franklin.  That seems legit, doesn't it?

Fortunately, the voters in CD 1 has a better choice in Rob Zerban, who has not only resided in the district all this time, but has been there standing with the people through the hard times.  His positions has been clearly laid out and he has a serious agenda on how to turn things around for not only the district but for the entire state and the country, bringing back good paying jobs and restoring our rights.

We all agree that Paul Ryan needs to go for the good of the state and the country and Zerban is the person to make it happen.

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