Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Backwards Day

By Jeff Simpson

Apparently, in the land of Fitzwalkerstan, increasing the price of all goods, will make people want to buy more*.

*unless its to pay workers more.  

Gov. Scott Walker said Monday his administration will explore eliminating the state’s income tax.
“There are many states that do very well, better than most states in the country, that have no income taxes," Walker said during the governor’s Northern Economic Development Summit in Pembine, according to "That's one thing for us to look at. Is that feasible? What would that mean in terms of an economic boost? That's not only for individuals, but small businesses in this state."

 Not sure that Scott Walker and the republicans in WI could be any more anti-business than they are,  then they come up with ideas like this and trump all of their other anti business policies prior. In what reality does increasing the price of goods 8-10 % make people want to purchase more? 
This is such a silly idea that it was too crazy for Louisiana and Bobby Jindal. 
Walker isn’t the first conservative extreme right wing governor to look at scrapping income taxes. Early this year, Lousiana Gov. Bobby Jindal proposed replacing his state’s income tax with a sales tax, but he abandoned the plan in the face of widespread opposition.
“All along, opposition to the tax swap was growing broader and more bipartisan by the day. Clergy members urged the governor to drop the plan, saying it could hurt the poor, while the state’s most prominent chamber of commerce group came out against the plan for its potential impact on businesses,” the New York Times reported in April.
We have become the dumping ground for failed extremist views.   



  1. Isn't Texas a taker state? They have subpar education, infrastructure, programs for the less fortunate, and low wages... they take Federal money to help pay for their subpar state from States like WI that did make enough to share. Isn't Texas have an industry that makes up the biggest export(OIL) in our economy, yet Texas needed money from mostly Democratic states to HELP pay their bills and take care of their people. Yeah, that sounds like the typical conservative idea.

  2. Does Walker have any live brain cells ?