Tuesday, December 31, 2013

I Need A Favor!

By Jeff Simpson

I am a member of the parent's advisory committee and also someone whose children has benefited greatly from Camp Kesem - UW and they need your vote.  It only takes a few seconds, and you can only vote once.  

 Please go here and vote for Camp Kesem - UW Madison.

They have a chance to win $10,000, which will help send kids to their free summer camp. 

 A little About Camp Kesem:

Camp Kesem UW-Madison is a college student run summer camp for children throughout Wisconsin with a parent who has, or has had, cancer. This free, week-long summer camp is offered to children ages 6-16. Lead by college students, Camp Kesem is a national organization with 54 chapters across the country. Camp Kesem UW-Madison has grown from serving 16 campers to 120 campers in just four years. They strive to provide each camper with a supportive, lifelong camp community that recognizes and understands the camper’s unique needs.

Camp Kesem UW-Madison reaches out to local hospitals and related organizations to find families that would benefit from their services. In addition to the week-long summer camp, Camp Kesem UW-Madison provides year-round support for the campers and their families, including hosting camp reunions, sending birthday and holiday cards, and providing extra support to the families when needed.

If they won Sentry’s $10K for a Cause, Camp Kesem UW-Madison would put the money directly into sending kids to camp. As the only national organization serving kids with a parent affected by cancer, Camp Kesem UW-Madison understands that when cancer strikes, the whole family is affected. To provide camp for 120 kids, Camp Kesem UW-Madison raises nearly $70,000.

Also if you know someone who has or has had cancer, and has children,  PLEASE give them this information

For inquiries about Camp Kesem, please contact us at
info@campkesem.org  or (260) 225-3736 / (260)22-KESEM
For fundraising inquiries, please contact us at magic@campkesem.org

If you know someone who is currently attending UW-Madison - send them this link

Thank you!  I appreciate it, and so do they. 

Happy New Year!  


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